Mary Tyler Moore, who passed away Wednesday, had actually been married come the new York-based cardiologist since 1983

Mary Tyler Moore fought hardships from mind tumors to diabetes throughout her marriage to Dr. Robert Levine, and also he stand by her side with it all.

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The legendary actress passed away Wednesday at the age of 80. A resource told world she had actually been on a ventilator and had been hospitalized v pneumonia due to complications from her diabetes, and also according to her longtime rep, she passed away in the company of girlfriend and, of course, she loving husband of much more than 33 years.

Moore was married twice before she met Levine, an initial to producer Richard Meeker and then to television executive give Tinker. In 1982 — two years ~ the death of her only child, 24-year-old boy Ritchie — Moore lastly met the guy with whom she would invest the rest of she days.

As fate would have it, Moore’s mother Marge fell ill with severe bronchitis the year. The actress called her continual doctor, who was unavailable, and was instead associated with Dr. Levine, who was on call that day.

“After I’d watched her mom the 2nd time, I claimed to Mary, ‘If there’s one emergency, just contact me,’ ” Levine told world in 1984 the the serendipitous residence call. “And mar said, ‘Does acute loneliness count?’ and also I said, ‘Yes.’ ”



A couple of days later on they made a dinner date. Quickly enough, Moore and also the Loyola-educated cardiologist, who was 15 years she junior and working at brand-new York’s mount Sinai Hospital in ~ the time, began spending every weekend together.

“She dropped really in love,” a girlfriend of the actress told at the time. “It’s to be a actual rebirth.”



Emanuel Azenberg, the producer the Whose Life Is it Anyway? in i m sorry Moore starred on Broadway in 1980, called Levine “one that those physicians they wrote movies around 30 years ago.”

“He’s genuinely caring,” stated Azenberg. “There’s no question they’re in love. Lock both have too lot integrity to stay with the connection if lock weren’t.”


On Thanksgiving night in 1983, the 2 wed at Manhattan’s Pierre Hotel. It was Levine’s very first — and also only — marriage.

“You’d never recognize this is her third wedding,” one girlfriend of the actress told civilization at the time. “All she talks around is she dress and also how excited she is.”

Moore’s longtime costar and close girlfriend Valerie Harper to be a bridesmaid, telling world at the moment Moore to be “filled through joy due to the fact that she and Robert are friends and loving each other.”

“He provides her feeling cherished,” she added. “Both family members are happy, too.”

Levine also regularly travel to it is in by Moore’s next while she filmed miscellaneous projects over the year — and also he was also deeply associated in her struggle of balancing her type 1 diabetes with alcohol, which caused her checking into the Betty Ford facility in Rancho Mirage, California, in 1984.

“She is not what friend would contact an alcoholic,” Levine told civilization that year. “But it to be my feeling, common by Mary’s doctors, that drinking to be dangerous to her — the type of drink that mar does, i m sorry is usually social drinking.”

According to him, the factor she checked into the clinic was since she had actually been having an ext frequent hypoglycemic illustration — tide of weakness, blurred vision and slurred speech, resulted in by a short blood-sugar level — which are usual to significant diabetics and also could bring about coma and, in extreme situations if untreated, to death.

After filming two movies back-to-back the summer, Levine told Moore “had complained there were durations once she just felt lousy.”

“It was I that said, ‘Hey, probably the drink is affecting your diabetes,’ ” that recalled.

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The cardiologist went on to carry out a two-week examine of the fluctuations in his wife’s blood chemistry, collecting blood specimens transparent the day and even waking her at night. He said that she cut out she after-dinner brandy and also all other alcohol usage for a psychological period. She blood graph steadied somewhat. His conclusion: Alcohol was affecting her body chemistry. The was no that she to be drinking an ext — the trouble was, “the condition is progressive and becomes more complicated to treat.”

“Everyone on the street think of mar as gift theirs. She’s in ~ Betty Ford because her doctor and also I believed she essential a supportive environment for abstinence,” Levine said. “Her score is to gain some strength and understanding the it’s okay to speak no to alcohol.”

The couple shared a residence in upstate new York together, which they purchased in the at an early stage ’90s.

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“We began by being sensible,” she said Architectural Digest in 1991. “What we were looking for was one apartment in Manhattan through a terrace. And that came to be an difficult quest, we were simply never may be to find anything that was appropriate — the ideal size, the right neighborhood, and also that would accept dogs. We did wind increase buying a city apartment, however we also began looking at houses.”

“The an initial towns the realtors proved us points in were also close to the city, as well suburban — since now we really wanted to be country. ‘Can us look a little farther north?’ we maintained asking, ‘just a small farther north?’ ” she continued. “And right here we are. There’s not also a movie house in this city — you have to go come Poughkeepsie. Or execute what we perform on weekends, i beg your pardon is either walk to bed early and forget about it or rental a movie.”

Together, the pair dedicated their time and also resources come the youth Diabetes study Foundation, both serving on the international board of directors.

“My husband has always been very good at acquiring me out of myself when I acquire down and depressed and every one of that — never seriously,” she called Entertainment Tonight in 2013. “So, ns am usually a really happy person.”

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