We will certainly be attending a wedding in Atalnta in Sept. We will be drving indigenous NY and want come sightseea little on the method down. We number 3-4 job to get to Atalnta. Firstly those the ideal route withoutsightseeing and also stopping one night resting out ? Secondly room there any recommendations for amazing things to view along the method with avoiding 2 or 3 nights? We space two seniors that love come travel and also have watched a great deal the this beautifu country, however we are hoping there may be part "hidden" places we may have actually missed or can want to see again. Thanks for the help.

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Jul 6th, 2015, 08:15 AM

Jul 6th, 2015, 06:46 PM
Asheville, NC. An excellent place to continue to be overnight and even invest a job or two touring. That is Interesting, pretty, great art galleries, to add the ultimate - tour the Fabulous Biltmore Estate.

Franklin Roosevelt felt the driving itself need to be an exciting activity, not simply a method to get from point A to suggest B. As such, that championed routes choose the Blue Ridge Parkway, which ns recommend as a method to use to obtain between new York & Atlanta, there is no feeling like you"re trying to escape other or out-race other vehicle drivers on the road. No as quick as I-95, however a LOT more fun.
Go down as recommended, making use of I-78, I-81, I-77, I-40, I-75 as a spine that you can hop onto and off of as needed. An excellent suggestions for the method down. Don"t come earlier that way. Walk to Madison and also Athens, Georgia, then blast up I-85 and I-95 to Richmond. Following day go on come Washington. Web traffic is no problem between 9-3. Turn eastern to Annapolis, overcome Chesapeake Bay, spend a night in St Michael"s or Easton, MD. Journey up the peninsula come the Delaware Memorial Bridge, climate the NJTP.
I choose Ackislander"s idea, or if you want to view a bit more on the way back, then from Richmond, head down to Williamsburgh then take the just bridge/tunnel climate up the DELMARVA. Prevent at Chincoteague then go as much as Lewes, DE and take the ferry to Cape May, NJ and up the Garden State come NY.

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I-78, I-81, I-77, I-40, I-75 I do not think this is the finest route. Come on under to Charlotte top top I77, and also take I85 to Atlanta. The above route is longer in my opinion and experience.For instance from NYC come Charlotte via the 78,81,77 route it is 11 hrs (have done it). Atlanta is 4 hours from Charlotte via 85.You could absolutely come earlier that method and struggle Asheville that way.As because that a stop, there was an additional thread about stopping on I81 the had principles of whereby to prevent north that Charlotte.The Parkways are great experiences come drive--for a quick time--50 mile maybe. Phibìc of Asheville would be a good stretch and also easy access. There is a exorbitant Appalachian craft save on the Parkway at Asheville also.You also might reap taking I40 end to Winston Salem and enjoying see Old Salem, a Moravian neighborhood from the 1700s in a restored section of town. The Museum of southern Decorative arts is additionally a little treasure there. Winston is a fun little town.