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The information listed below pertains come a continuous non-commercial driver’s license, click here​ if you have actually or great to acquire a com​mercial driver’s license (CDL).

Renewing her License

Click here​ for finish information on renewing your license.

Correcting/Changing her patent or Permit

IMPORTANT: For every name alters - marriage, divorce, etc., please update your name v the society Security management first, and if feasible bring proof of that adjust with you to your MDOT appointment.

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If you space using a name various other than her birth name, or an altering the surname on your existing license, friend must bring the document that initiated the adjust of name, such as a marriage certifi​cate, divorce decree or court ordered surname change, to the come correct her license. If presenting a precious U.S. Passport and also the surname on her passport is your existing name on her driver"s license, you room not forced to present added name adjust documents.

A repair license deserve to be approve for changes to one’s name, address, height, or weight, to add or eliminate an body organ donor designation, to include or remove certain restrictions or to include a veteran status designation. To adjust your deal with or organ donor designation, you might do for this reason online, below or in ~ an self-serve kiosk. For changes to weight, height, or to include Veterans Status please make an meeting for a Driver"s License/ID Correction.  You deserve to also complete the

change of address type (VR-154) and also mail it come the 

There is a fee for a corrected license. But there is no fee because that the readjust of deal with card, which should be carried with your license. You will be mailed the map or corrected license