As of January 1, 2015, undocumented immigrants have been able to get a driver’s patent in California. Well-known as an “AB 60 license,” that is obtainable from the California DMV there is no a social protection number to immigrant who deserve to prove they room California residents.

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An AB60 license permits an undocumented immigrant to:

Drive legitimate in California, andSafely determine themselves come state and also local legislation enforcement.

To date, an ext than one million undocumented immigrants have received AB60 driver’s licenses.

Should I get an abdominal muscle license in California?

Whether one undocumented immigrant should gain a California ab 60 patent is a an individual decision.

The trump administration’s crackdown ~ above unlawful immigration has made this a closer speak to than it offered to be.

But, in general, we still recommend acquiring an AB60 license if:

You will be steering in California,You execute not have actually a major criminal history,You have never obtained a license using a fake surname or social security number, andICE is no currently and specifically searching for you.

Is it safe for an undocumented immigrant to apply for a driver’s license?

If an immigrant has not violated the law, that is usually safe to apply for a driver’s license. Under California law, state and also local law enforcement agencies may not:

Discriminate versus a holder of an AB-60 license, orUse such a license as a basis because that “investigation, arrest, citation or detention.”

But one immigrant might still it is in arrested in any kind of situation in which someone that is below lawfully can be arrested.

For instance, if someone had previously offered a fake surname or social security number to acquire a license, the person could be charged under California’s fraud laws.

Or a driver was weaving and smelled that alcohol, an officer could lawfully arrest the person for drunk driving.

Can the DMV share mine immigration status with commonwealth authorities?

Yes, yet only if it gets a certain request from the department of landscape Security.

So if ice cream is currently looking for someone, the DMV can provide DHS v the person’s resolve and photo.

Otherwise, the DMV will not call the federal federal government an immigrant is search a license.

How walk California’s brand-new “sanctuary state” law influence drivers?

Thanks come Senate bill 54, California ended up being a so-called “sanctuary state” top top January 1, 2018. Together a result, state and also local law enforcement officers may not generally:

Ask around someone’s immigrant status; orShare information about someone’s condition with commonwealth immigration authorities (except in limited circumstances).

This method that local and also state regulation enforcement police officers cannot educate federal authorities when presented through an AB60 license.

What happens if ns drive there is no a license?

Driving without a license can be charged as either:

A non-criminal infraction, orA criminal misdemeanor.

An infraction is similar to a parking ticket. It deserve to be punished just by a fine. This is usually exactly how a very first conviction because that driving there is no a patent is charged.

But, this is no guaranteed. And also subsequent convictions are much more likely to be charged as a misdemeanor. This can result in a higher fine and possibly time in jail. The would additionally give the driver a criminal record.

Can driving without a license acquire an undocumented immigrant deported?

In California, the price is “no.” however that doesn’t necessarily typical the immigrant won’t it is in charged v removal. The only means that the immigrant should be able to win in immigrant court.

This can involve fighting the case.

We think it’s better and more secure for an immigrant to journey lawfully in the first place.

An immigrant that cannot execute so should take into consideration other means of transportation.

The restrictions of an AB60 license

An ab 60 patent is not valid for main federal purposes. In fact, the indigenous “Federal borders Apply” room marked clearly in the upper right-hand corner.

As a result, it does not permit an immigrant to attain employment or federal government benefits.

More importantly, the does not defend the holder against discrimination from:

Federal law enforcement agencies, orLaw enforcement policemans from other states.

Thus it must not ever be presented to federal officials, including:

United states Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE),U.S. Customs and Border defense (CBP), orThe transportation Safety administration (TSA) (when acquisition a trip leaving indigenous or getting here in a U.S. City).

And undocumented immigrants should never tell a legislation enforcement officer around their condition without an initial speaking to a lawyer.

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To learn more, please check out our article on “Driving there is no a patent in California.”


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