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About a dozen employees gathered outside a deluxe apartment structure in Midtown eastern to protest a contractor and a subcontractor that the employees say owe them around two months of earlier wages. The workers are accusing Mario Hernandez, who was rental by the Yonkers-based Cassaway Contracting to aid do finishing work-related on the building. “Employers feel they deserve to steal their wages in times of crisis,” Ligia Guallpa, executive director the the workers Justice Project, a community-based workers’ rights company that headed the protest. The workers claimed they’re owed over $29,000 and also know of numerous others that weren’t paid together well. The group was may be to acquire a representative native Cassaway top top the phone, who said they were willing to job-related out a systems to pay the workers directly. A request for comment was not returned by Thursday morning. Max Siegelbaum because that Documented

Venezuelan brand-new Yorkers endure After Consulate is Closed

New York’s Venezuelan consulate close up door in 2019, leaving Venezuelans the just Latino ar in brand-new York without a means to carry out consular paperwork. This affect their capacity to renew or extend passports. Venezuelan new Yorkers claimed they were no able to attain driver’s licenses, open financial institution accounts or perform basic “survival” tasks. On march 19, the new York consulate was moved to the government of Juan Guaidó, whom the U.S. Well-known as interim president. The diplomatic staff appointed by chairman Nicolás Maduro was removed, and the consulate was closed. City Limits

Cuomo Concerned around COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution

As COVID-19 situations rise transparent the U.S., Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) outlined his 3 main involves for federal response to the pandemic top top Tuesday. That is worried that there is no enough funding given to states to distribute the COVID-19 vaccine, that Black and also brown communities will not obtain the same distribution as various other communities and that possible tracking methodologies that could target undocumented immigrants. He claimed that an agreement for the vaccine, which would require personal information such together a Social defense number or driver’s license, could possibly be shared with ICE and also the department of countryside Security.

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