By NBC Washington Staff•Published December 15, 2020•Updated on December 15, 2020 in ~ 5:43 pm

Starting Jan. 1, undocumented immigrants in Virginia will certainly be able to apply for a long-awaited unique driver"s permit. 

Activists have been fighting because that the permit, referred to as a driver privilege card, to end up being a truth for years. Supporters suggested that it to be a matter of publicly safety, and also in March, the Democrat-controlled basic Assembly happen the legislation.

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"I have many friends who have wanted this since they have their cars, and also other civilization have had to journey them about because they"re scared. But they are happy because they will have the ability to move indigenous one location to another,” Sheila Esteban Gómez said.

To be eligible for a driver privilege card, one must:

Be a non-U.S. Citizen that is a resides of VirginiaHave reported earnings from Virginia sources or be claimed as a dependency on a taxation return filed in Virginia in the previous 12 monthsNot have actually a steering privilege that is at this time suspended or revoked in Virginia or any other state, to incorporate insurance-related infractions

Starting January 2, 2021, #Virginia will offer a Driver Privilege Card! Applications accepted by meeting only. Come learn an ext about this new driving credential for people who room non-U.S. Citizens & cannot satisfy VA’s legal visibility reqs, visit

— VirginiaDMV (
VirginiaDMV) December 15, 2020

The following papers are needed to attain the driver privilege card:

Two proofs of identity (e.g., foreign passport and also Consular identification document issued by country of citizenship)Two proofs the Virginia residency (e.g., monthly mortgage statement and also utility bill)Proof of a Social protection number (if one has been issued) or the individual’s taxpayer to know number (e.g., W-2 type or ITIN letter)Tax return documentation (e.g. Virginia resident Form, Virginia Part-Year Resident income Tax Return type or Virginia Nonresident revenue Tax Return Form, filed in the past 12 months)

“We space pleased to market this brand-new credential to offer thousands of tax-paying Virginians the possibility to journey legally on our roadways, something they previously have not been able to do,” DMV Commissioner Richard D.Holcomb claimed in a push release.

The steps to obtain a driver privilege card deserve to vary depending upon the applicant. Those interested will have to pass a vision screening, and some may have to take a steering test.

I have numerous friends who have wanted this because they have actually their cars, and other human being have had actually to journey them about because they"re scared. However they room happy because they will have the ability to move from one place to another.

Sheila Esteban Gómez

"Customers who have a driver’s patent from one more country or expired Virginia licens will not need to take the driving understanding test or driving exam, only the vision exam,” Elizabeth Ramirez, DMV ar manager, said.

Anyone interested in obtaining the driver privilege card must make an appointment in advance at the Virginia department of motor Vehicles at For more information ~ above the driver privilege card, click here.

Once a driver passes any kind of applicable tests, lock will obtain their map at their home attend to within 2 weeks. If the applicant is under 18, the card will certainly be sent out to a judge in your locality.

The cost of the driver privilege card and permit is $53, according to the DMV. The allow will have to be put in order every 2 years.

It"s vital to remember for those seek to use that this is not a REAL-ID, for this reason the document comes with specific limitations.

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It will certainly not enable the holder to use for a advertising driver"s license, board an airplane, or get in federal buildings.