Back in January 2013, Illinois passed a law extending driving opportunities to undocumented immigrants. Before its implementation, non-U.S. Citizens there is no a visa can not legally journey in will certainly County or almost everywhere in Illinois. Yet out of necessity, many did therefore anyway.

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Faced through this reality, the Illinois legislature chose to carry out non-visa-status drivers with a means to come to be licensed (and presumably safer) behind the wheel. This “undocumented” (non-visa-status) individuals are currently able to use for a momentary Visitor Driver’s patent (TVDL). The Illinois Driver services Department has proclaimed that the score of the program is to enhance traffic safety, while underscoring the importance of driver’s patent integrity and also security.

In essence, the new law extends a program currently in place for Illinois occupants unable to attain a Social security card. Previously, the regimen was only available to recorded immigrants (i.e. Those through a visa). Now, visa-status and also non-visa-status immigrants alike can apply for a TVDL.

To qualify for a TVDL in will certainly County, the applicant must be a non-U.S. Citizens residing in the State that Illinois, authorized to be in the U.S. Because that at least one year through at least six month of authorized remain remaining.

Furthermore, the TVDL applicant must administer a precious unexpired passport or consular ID, one or more accepted creates of identification, and also proof that the applicant has already lived in Illinois because that at the very least one year. As soon as the individual’s application has been accepted, s/he need to pass the very same vision, written, and road exams that room administered to every Illinois citizens seeking a license.

To prove length of residency in Illinois, the applicant must provide one of the following files dated at least 12 months before the day of his or she TVDL application: certified school transcripts; financial institution statement; real estate deed/title, mortgage, or lease agreement; homeowner’s or renter’s insurance money policy; medical claim or explain of benefits from personal insurance company or federal government agency; official mail got from a state, country, city, village or a federal agency that contains applicant’s first and last name and complete present address; house Exemption receipt; pension or retirement statement; institution report card; tuition invoice or other official mail indigenous a university or university; or a energy bill (gas, electric, water, trash, telephone, or cable). If you have moved within the past year, girlfriend will likewise need come supply one of these papers indicating your current address.

Note the there space several crucial differences between a constant driver’s license and a TVDL. Many significantly, a TVDL is no a valid type of identification; this means it can not be supplied for purposes such as boarding one airplane, registering to vote, beginning a commonwealth building, or using for a Firearm Owner identification (FOID) card. Additionally, unlike a constant driver’s license, a TVDL is just valid v proof that auto insurance. Therefore, if a TVDL-holder is recorded driving there is no insurance, s/he will be ticketed both for driving without insurance and for driving there is no a valid license.

Additional differences involve patent expiration and renewal. Conversely, a regular Illinois driver’s license is precious for four years with alternatives to renew, a TVDL is precious a preferably of three years and cannot it is in renewed. If you are permitted to it is in in the U.S. For an ext than 3 years and your TVDL expires, you have to go v the whole application procedure again to attain a new one. Conversely, if you space authorized to it is in in the United states for less than 3 years, your TVDL will instantly expire at the end of her authorized stay.

Last yet not least, a reassuring detail concerning TVDLs, your immigrant status, and your privacy: legislation enforcement policemans will not recognize if you space an undocumented immigrant by using for or holding a short-lived Visitor Driver’s License. The same TVDLs are accessible to both visa holders and also undocumented individuals, for this reason they will certainly not “tip off” anyone about your visa status. Through that very same token, however, TVDLs execute not approve you legal immigrant status—immigration is a issue of commonwealth law, and also TVDLs approve in Illinois perform nothing more than permit undocumented immigrant to comply v Illinois web traffic laws.

If you think you qualify because that a temporary Visitor Driver’s License, you have to make an advance appointment at among the 36 designated infrastructure in order come apply. However note that you will not obtain the patent on the very same day together your appointment. The license will be printed and also mailed come you after ~ the Secretary that State’s office has actually verified your documents and a facial recognition search has actually been completed. The application fee is $30 ($35 for a motorcycle license).

For more information around your eligibility and the files required to apply, you re welcome contact united state at 815.729.9220. Ours attorneys are proficient in website traffic law and also immigration issues, and also we deserve to look in ~ the truth of your particular situation to advise you ~ above your best course that action. To make an appointment to use for a TVDL, walk to or call 855-236-1155. There is a designated TVDL meeting office in Joliet at 201 S. Joyce Rd.

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If you are located somewhere else in will certainly County or in a different Illinois county, us can help direct you to the nearest location.