The pizza chain is launching “The Hut Lane" pickup home windows for digital and also phone assignment in 1,500 locations throughout the country.By Jonathan Maze ~ above Mar. 30, 2021

Even Pizza Hut is gaining into drive-thrus.

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The Plano, Tex.-based pizza chain ~ above Tuesday said it is adding “The Hut Lane,” a digital stimulate pickup window, in more than 1,500 locations throughout the country, and also has plan to include more.

The windows are for previously ordered carryout pizzas, do it comparable to the digital stimulate pickup lanes at chains such as Chipotle mexico Grill. Customers either order by phone or v the Pizza Hut app or website, pull up to the window, obtain their order and also leave.

If the roadway is not easily accessible at the regional restaurant, the application will immediately offer the chain’s contactless curbside pickup together the option.

The lane is part of a permanent strategy to modernize the brand with digital ordering and also customer experiences. Flynn Restaurant Group, which last week perfect the salvation of more than 900 Pizza Hut locations, plans to prioritize the lane as it remodels the units.

“We are providing our client a variety of choices to optimize their pizza-eating suffer as we construct on our organization momentum,” Nicolas Burquier, chef customer and also operations officer v Pizza Hut, said in a statement.

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Drive-thru lanes had been significantly popular prior to the pandemic—traditional drive-thru chains prefer McDonald’s and Wendy’s had actually seen growing percentages that their company coming with that lane. The pandemic has actually increased their importance, and an ext types of principles have shifted their tactics to include them—including fast-casual pizza chains and concepts such as Shake Shack. Chipotle now has its “Chipotlane” digital order roadway in virtually 200 locations.

Pizza Hut would be the very first big pizza chain to add them, however. The chain has actually been on something of a role lately together it has actually sped its transition toward takeout and delivery and away from the dine-in restaurants the the past—same-store sales rose 8% in the last three months the 2020, also as its greatest operator, NPC International, closed units before it finished up selling to Flynn.

The company, which now operates around 6,500 U.S. Locations, says it is arising plans for additional Hut roadway in-store branding elements and also will roll them the end in the “near future.”