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"In matters of style, swim v the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock." - Unknown (often improperly attributed to thomas Jefferson)"It is daunting to acquire a male to recognize something as soon as his salary counts upon his not expertise it." - Upton Sinclair"Common sense is no so common" - Voltaire "Common feeling is instinct; sufficient of that is genius" - George bernard Shaw

Some recent transforms in or enhancements to AP style:drive-thru
: AP has embraced the much more colloquial assignment "thru." (It"s the many common and makes sense to me.)firsthand: One word because that adjective or adverb. (Conforms come AP"s previous format on secondhand.)handheld (n.) / hand-held (adj.): now all we need to do is wait for the rants about "handheld" as a noun. You may safely neglect them. cardholder: because that those holding credit cards, because that instance. However credit map holder. (Credit cardholder, the course, could mean something entirely different.)nonprofit: AP yes, really shouldn"t need to have actually clarified this; I believed its present language to be eminently clear. But there were enough questions about hyphen or not, therefore it made decision to sweet in.bed-and-breakfast: keep in mind the hyphens.problem-solving: So, it"s always been clear that "the problem-solving plan" to be the correct usage as one adjective. However I guess us now likewise write "he is problem-solving" or "Problem-solving" is fun? I have actually a better idea - skip the jargon and write "Solving difficulties is fun." do"s and also don"ts: to be there really any kind of question top top this?There room a couple of others, but, hey, you really should buy the stylebook.
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posted by Doug
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Nora said...

Wow. I'm shocked and also disheartened through the accept of the misplaced apostrophe in do's and don'ts. If us follow this reasoning, it have to read: do's and also don't's. In addition, dumbing down the order of with is an insult. I don't expropriate either, nor would certainly I recommend that civilization writing public company messages cavern on these issues. To me, these instances illustrate laziness, a herd mentality and lack that leadership and also professionalism. Tsk, tsk.

Doug said...

The apostrophe in do's is acceptable. The "do" entry in Webster's new World Collegiate fourth lists "do's" an initial (scroll down to midpage), and also since AP follows that dictionary, that is reasonable to take on that together style. Merriam-Webster, on the various other hand, supplies "dos," and also American Heritage 4th lists "dos" as the first choice, but allows "do's." (You'll discover it lower in the very same entry together the WNW at your Dictionary.)

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