2021 - Campers" Pike

A Drive-Thru Attraction in ~ Southaven ParkOpening Thursday October 7, 2021 and continuing every Thursday thru Sunday until and including Halloween.

2021 - Camp Terror

An indood/outdoor walk-thru suffer at Gateway in Bellport This Friday October 8th and also continuing every Thrusday thru Sunday until and including Haloween. Vaccination required for Camp Terror

2021 - no So Scary kids Adventure

A Spooky the end Adventure | Oct 16-31 take a stroll through our not-so-scary Halloween adventure, an outdoor walk-thru draft for children under 10. Encounter goofy creatures, bewitching tricks, and also make some brand-new friends follow me the way.

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PLEASE TAKE keep in mind OF ours COVID-19 GUIDELINES every guests suffering CAMP TERROR will should be totally vaccinated and will be required to stay a face covering at every times if on property. Guest suffering CAMPERS" PIKE will remain in their vehicles and vaccination is not required.

As a division of The Gateway, Performing Arts center of Suffolk County, Gateway’s Haunted Playhouse utilizes the many theatrical designers and staff at the Gateway – lengthy Island’s oldest skilled theatre. Dozens that professionally trained gibbs prepare and also rehearse every character that inhabits the haunt, offering it a unique, theatrical quality unrivaled top top the island.

These gibbs inhabit a carefully crafted, three-dimensional setting created and also built by the Gateway’s renowned design and also production team. End 100 people are on hand every evening to certain the smooth operation of every haunt.

Each year, a new theme, path and characters room created, offering patrons a brand new experience together they explore the walkthrough attraction. This year’s layout will be sure to bring you nightmares in the latest thrilling installment.


Since its an initial year in 2009, Gateway’s Haunted Playhouse has actually grown indigenous its initial two-week run, come now encompass six-weeks the terrifying scares. It has received praise from many outlets at the local, state and also national levels.

Gateway’s Haunted Playhouse has won the title of Scariest Haunted house on lengthy Island for three years in a heat by popular vote on an interactive News12 poll. It has actually received favorable attention by the brand-new York Times, and has been cited as among the height ten haunted houses in new York by USA Today.

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This Bellport Haunt was called One of America’s finest Haunted Attractions through Hauntworld Magazine, the world’s number one haunted home resource, and had because built on that success.