Haunted residences weren"t one ideal method to celebrate Halloween in Chicagolast year, however with vaccines, mask mandates and also other precautions in place, it’s now lot safer to have actually some spooky fun. Haunted housesnear Chicagooffer the possibility to conference ghosts, zombies, foolish scientists and other horrors brought to life with incredible costumes and sets. These attractions aren’t meant for the young or faint of heart, so if you’re in search of some much more tame fall fun, inspect out our travel guide to the best pumpkin patches and also apple picking. For everyone else, these haunted homes near Chicago are good for a couple of frights.

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Regularly ranked as one of the optimal haunted dwellings in Illinois by Halloween connoisseurs, Basement the the Dead has been giving seasonal scares because 2000 in a 120-year-old building in downtown Aurora. Explore the dark, sinister confines to conference demented doctors and nurses, creepy dolls, and also a cult. Admission also includes entry come Shattered 3D, a circus-themed an are lit by blacklights and also filled through mesmerizing art and creepy clowns. If you desire to avoid jump scares, visit throughout the Night that Isolation Wednesdays Oct 6-20, as soon as you can explore the scene without the actors. For an extra spooky experience, go on close up door day when the lights space all out. Sept 26–Nov 6


Located in one old briquette manufacturing facility in Zion, Illinois (near six Flags great America), Dungeon of doom celebrates that 25th anniversary this year. The 45,000-square foot room features sets favor Mercy basic Hospital, the Underworld, and also Quimby Slaughter House, every manned by a “killer crew” working hard to provide you through nightmare fuel. Because that an extra $5, you have the right to also include on the claustrophobic “Buried Alive” experience. Which Nov 5-6 for the Blackout experience, whereby you’ll navigate the attraction with just a solitary glowstick. Sept 25–Nov 6


This year is her last possibility to inspect out this Lockport haunt, whichwill officially close its doors after ~ this Halloween afterfreaking out visitors since 1996. Navigate 23 cells in a maximum security prison wherein the criminals have taken over. The creepy cast includes mass murderers, torturers, killer clowns and a demonic warden haunting the bloodsoaked confines. This is constantly a renowned attraction, however you’ll want to book tickets well in development given the crowds meant for “the last fear.”Oct 1-31


You can"t visit Camp crystal Lake, yet you deserve to experience a drive-thru haunted attraction in ~ Camp huge Timber in Elgin, Illinois. Terror in the Timbers sends out visitors ~ above a drive v the woods, whereby the heart of serial killer Dr. Henry Howard Holmes is to run amok. Cruising v the attraction at no more than 5 miles per hour (and aided by part nifty protect against lights), you"ll stay in your vehicle while the scares surround you. This year you can also add on a half-mile hike v a haunted forest and explore a midway special games and also concessions. Oct 15–30

The recent haunt indigenous the creator the Basement that the Dead in Aurora, Disturbia Haunted house is packed v scary scenes consisting of a haunted pumpkin patch, medieval crypt and old graveyard occupied by terrifying characters, consisting of demons, pig monsters and an extremely creepy Raggedy Ann doll. It’s a grotesquely gorgeous attraction. Favor Basement that the Dead, Disturbia additionally offers blackout dates and visits without the actors, so choose the level of scare that’s right for you.Sept 24–Nov 6

Featured in The Blues Brothers, the Old Joliet prison closed in 2002. Now it’s end up being the Old Joliet Haunted Prison, transformed right into a research facility by mad scientists trying to i found it the mysteries of the afterlife. You’ll also navigate the prison yard, device shop, wash room and other spaces lived in by violent, undead criminal seeking vengeance top top the living. Extend your visit with mini escape games and drinks in ~ the Commissary.Sept 30–Nov 6

Navigate a zombie-infested forest and also a cemetery to reach HellsGate, wherein you’ll uncover a devastating darkness unleashed through a grief-stricken madman. The team behind Statesville Haunted prison manages this immersive adventure, i beg your pardon spans lot of levels, an enig passages and giant slides where you’ll conference undead monsters and also other creepy characters. Desire to surprise your horror-loving friend? gain them a one-of-a-kind Hell Pass and the haunt’s employee will solitary them the end for some one-of-a-kind scares during their VIP tour.Sept 30–Oct 31

This south Side haunted residence combines old-school startle tactics detailed by a cast of costumed actors through animatronics, unique effects and spooky sets. Creepy characters—from demonic employees to ghost cult leaders to cannibalistic butchers—hide around practically every corner, waiting to terrify everyone who procedures inside the 26,000-square-foot experience. Travel with the black color Oak gear Factory, whose brutal owner summoned a demon mr that changed his workers and surrounding townsfolk into twisted creatures. Navigate a nightmare realm and face your phobias to escape the twisted space.Sept 24–Nov 6

Filmmakers, set designers, sound designers, engineers and also makeup artists collaborated to build an immersive haunted house meant to scare you even if friend close her eyes. Before you step into the monster-infested maze-like structure, you’ll it is in greeted through skeletons in the parking lot and also can compete for prizes in a carnival. If you require a drink to work up the ship to walk in or to stable your nerves after, realm of Terror also has a bar serving themed cocktails in souvenir cups. You can additionally find booze-free seasonal treats like apple cider.Oct 15-31

13th Floor Haunted house moved come Schiller Park this year, setting up two totally brand-new haunted attractions in a 40,000-square-foot space. Try to stay out of the feud in between werewolf bikers and also skate punk vampires that has actually spilled into the roadways in negative Blood, then experience the heart of Halloween, where a witch’s spell has actually summoned soul of the underworld who have actually possessed pumpkins and also other decorations. The brand-new location additionally features a carnival midway where you deserve to play games and buy food and also drinks.Sept 24–Nov 13

Everything at Massacre Haunted home is indoors, including the present to obtain in, so don’t let negative weather scare you away. Vampires space the brand-new theme this year and also you’ll conference the bloodsuckers together with creepy dolls, scarecrows and also demons in dark elevators, a haunted El train, and also mini mazes spread across an ext than 30,000 square feet decorated come resemble horror movie sets. The venue additionally features escape rooms and also axe throwing therefore you have the right to make a complete night the your expedition to Montgomery.Oct 14–Nov 6

Located within the exit Elgin Casket Company, the evil Intentions Haunted house plays up the "unexplained occurrences" that have actually been reported in ~ the building throughout the years. The multi-level, 55,000-square-foot attraction provides a 30-minute experience, throughout which you"ll encounter few of the decayed residents and also frightening spirits the haunt this building.Sept 24–Oct 31

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