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Mack Manor Haunted journey Thru

“A cost-free Haunted Drive-Thru Display!”

Mack Manor Haunted drive Thru is a Haunted Attraction located in Fox flow Grove, IL.



1100 Algonquin RoadFox river Grove, IL 60021

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About This Attraction:

Haunt Types:


“Don’t underestimate your ghoulish intentions. And also no issue what, carry out not enable them access into your car as they will certainly go home with you.”

A reflection indigenous the Mistress of Mack Manor:

We great to thank those irrelevant mortals who pass v our gates as our guest to our humble domicile this year. Correct, this is our home and thank you to those who respect that. In ~ times, we can not accomplish the expectation of all our visitors, we execute our finest to accommodate all those souls wishing come pass with our gates.

At time we have actually other earthly responsibilities; daytime occupations, residential duties, and oh yeah . . . Trying come eat dinner before 9:30pm. . . . Our just commitment is to provide a SAFE and entertaining atmosphere. Us love what us do; hearing the mortal human beings scream, giggle and also laugh provides us through the solution that we space accomplishing our intended goals.

The passage our monsters have traveled is an extensive, dark and terrifying path. That is not basic to rise from the dead, ~ above a regular basis and also then retreat come the sanctum from which lock execrably emerged. Meanwhile, this creatures have to exist in the mortal world under the guise of human being beings.

A lot of determination, sweat, muscle and also time is contributed to develop this significant exhibition. That is now time for the substantial transformation.

Thank you for all her support!



Guest ReviewsGuest Average: 10 out of 10

Debbie Chirikos – 10/10 – October 20, 2020I am a neighbor down the road. I drive through daily. I try to drive through every night they room open. …show much more This attraction never ever disappoints and I love the whimsy and the spooky vibe. Hooray because that Mack Manor. Oh, and donate generously.

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Theresa – 10/10 – October 16, 2020Mack Manor has done the again! The quantity of time and effort they put right into their displays is …show an ext incredible and also admirable discovering they carry out it because that the people. I had actually only to be to the Christmas drive thru, and decided to inspect out the Halloween one. Castle did no disappoint! i drive thru twice and got spooked both time by the skeleton man! I have actually kids in between 5-14 and also it was a great, fun time because that everyone! Would considerably recommend, that free, yet a donation at the finish is well deserved!

Deborah – 10/10 – October 11, 2020The lot of work and time and also attention to information that the owner put into the drive thru was …show an ext amazing. The display screen was spooky and also beautiful and an extremely well ran. Definitely leave a guideline at the exit, they spared no expense to offer others a exorbitant experience.