A patchwork of seamlessly interwoven cultures, Orange county is a famous tourist destination located in southern California. Home to everyone’s favorite park, Disneyland, and also famous for its warm summer and fall, Orange ar is a perfect location for families, couples, and also explorers. However, what makes this city charming, is that mix of classics and also modernity, the craziness and also serenity, of actions and tranquility. Among its many charms room the city’s drive-in theaters, happen the classic enjoyment of the ‘90s and a romantic touch come a fun-packed holiday. So, if you are after a complete experience that the city, as well as Disneyland, below are our referrals for the ideal drive-in theaters approximately Orange County, California.

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1. Electric Dusk Drive-In, Los Angeles


Source:Photoby userFabSubejectused under CC BY-SA 3.0

Located right off the city’s high way and known for its finest homemade warm dogs, corn pop, burgers, and also candies, electric Dusk Drive-In is a perfect idea for an exciting weekend. Although the display is a little smaller 보다 the usual, you can still reap the drive-in with your loved ones if you arrive early and choose a an excellent parking spot. Electric Dusk is a pet-friendly drive-in and enables bringing your very own food and also lawn chairs. Their movies are household favorites and the ambience is really cozy. You deserve to either watch in her car and also tune in her radio because that sound, in which instance you would pay one extra USD 10 for the car. Or, friend can carry chairs and also just circle together on the grass. Electric Dusk opens on Saturdays and also has part nice offerings for groups.

Electric Dusk Drive-In (Los Angeles)

Address: 2930 Fletcher Dr. Los Angeles, California

Website: Electric Dusk Drive-In

Price: 12 USD every person, 15 USD because that cars per person

2. Van Buren Drive-In Theatre, Riverside


Source: Pixabay

The historical Van Buren Drive-In indigenous 1964 is still up and also running. It likewise is a swap meet. With 3 screens, van Buren is a double-feature drive-in the works 7 days a week every year round. For USD 9 you have the right to watch 2 movies playing on the same screen which way a movie for fifty percent the price. However, you room not permitted to switch between screens. You have the right to either drive-in through your car, carry your lawn chair or sit beside your car as lengthy as girlfriend sit within your parking lot. The theatre does not allow pets and also has its very own snack bar. It also screens the recent movies. The place also hosts events at your premises detailed that you have a minimum of 20 guests. No added fees are required yet there are entrance fees per person.

Van Buren Drive-In Theatre

Address: 3035 van Buren Blvd Riverside, California

Website: valve Buren Drive-In Theatre

Price: 9 USD for adults, 1 USD for youngsters aged 5 - 9

3. Vineland Drive-in Movie Theater, Industry


Source: Pixabay

A four-screen drive-in screening the latest movies, Vineland Drive-In is an suffer worth trying. Open seven job a week, the theatre is a good idea for part recreational time. Besides their very great movies, Vineland’s concession has actually some nice household offerings and also snacks and also movie souvenirs. The ar opens one hour prior to the movies start and also closes at the begin of the last movie. Vineland additionally hosts interesting occasions that friend could examine out on their website. So, if you space stuck at home and need a break, you just uncovered your safe place.

Vineland Drive-in Movie Theater

Address: 443 N Vineland Ave City of Industry, California 91746

Website: Vineland Drive-in Movie Theater

Price: 10 USD because that adults, 1 USD because that children

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4. Mission Tiki Drive-In Theater, Montclair

Source:Photoby userGPS 56used under CC by 2.0

Mission Tiki Drive-in theater is a Tiki-themed drive-in and a swap meet located in Montclair. Operating because 1956, Mission Tiki drive-in is one of the still-standing drive-ins in California. Not just is a drive-in iconic come Americans’ everlasting enthusiasm of automobiles, yet it is additionally an affordable chance for family members quality time. Mission Tiki has four screens, every playing 2 of the latest movies per night. The theater is open all year long, and has a pretty snack bar and also event hosting options. Package office opens up an hour and a fifty percent before the very first show top top Fridays and Saturdays and one hour ahead for the remainder of the week. In addition, Mission Tiki has a swap meet of over 300 vendors showcasing every main Wednesdays through Sundays. Parking is for free and for this reason is Thursday entrance. The swap meet opens indigenous 6am to 2pm.

Mission Tiki Drive-In Theater

Address: 10798 Ramona Ave Montclair, California 91763

Website: Mission Tiki Drive-In

Price: 9 USD because that adults, 1 USD because that children

5. Rubidoux Drive-In Theatre, Riverside

Source: Pixabay

Rubidoux Drive-in Theatre is one of the couple of drive-ins tho standing in southern California while preserving its initial character. Back the theater has been remodeled numerous times, the place’s decoration is reminiscent of the initial Route 66 heritage. Rubidoux is likewise a swap meet and also a member of the unified Flea Markets. Beginning from USD 15 a session every space, you deserve to make part money yourself by coming to be a vendor. The swap accomplish is open Wednesdays to Sundays with totally free entrance on Thursdays. Unfourtanetly the ar is now closed together a method to protect from the COVID-19 however it is to open up soon. So, examine their website because that updates.

Rubidoux Drive-In Theatre

Address: 3770 Opal St Riverside, California 92509

Website: Rubidoux Drive-In Theatre

Price: 9 USD because that adults, 1 USD because that children

6. Great Drive-In Theaters, Paramount

Source:Photoby userJrosenberry1used under CC BY-SA 3.0

A double-feature drive-in playing 3 movies per screen, great Drive-In theater reopened ~ 22 years of intermission. Blending the essence of the previous with the modernity that the present, the theater uses a warm, cozy family experience to the family members of the 21st century. Even if it is it is pillows, blankets, warm drinks, popcorn, or even pajamas that would provide you the warm of the experience, great drive-in has it all. The an initial movie starts in ~ 7:40pm and also the crate office opens almost one hour earlier. With rain or shine, big Drive-In theater welcomes everyone.

Paramount Drive-In Theaters

Address: 7770 Rosecrans Ave Paramount, California 90723

Website: paramount Drive-In

Price: 9 USD for adults, 3.50 USD for children

Enjoy the weekend at the OC"s drive-ins

Source: Peakpx

Whether you space a drive-in fan, someone with an free weekend, or a family that looking to have actually a an excellent time, the drive-in theatre of Orange County, California have actually you covered. Staying warm, safe, and entertained inside your automobile with her loved ones and also your favourite movie in a nice place is heaven.

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