During the peak of the drive-in movie craze, the human being saw an ext than 5,500 theaters – most of those in the U.S. Today, there are less than 350 worldwide. And also what a shame, together they offer households such a fun, affordable alternative for adventure.

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Luckily, Georgia boasts five drive-in theaters, consisting of the world’s biggest screen. Pack up the family and head out for a dual feature this weekend!


Jesup Drive-In has been servicing guest on the Georgia coast since 1948. Don’t miss the 1950s-esque auto hops – their uniforms will certainly take you earlier to the "good ol’ days." this high-school students work for advice only, so you re welcome be kind.

Open every night. Tickets room $5. Concessions are available, and also there is a $5 food-permit fee because that those happen their own picnic.

Visit Jesup Drive-In

Since 1949, Starlight Drive-In has entertained guest on the suburbs of Atlanta. As result of their strategy location and also savvy development decisions, they have remained an Atlanta staple.

Double-features play 7 days a main on high-quality digital projection. Tickets are $10 for adults and also $1 for children 5-9 years old. Concessions available. Check out the website because that coupons. No pets.

Don’t miss their swap accomplish Saturday and Sunday with totally free parking. Join is only 50 cents.

Visit Starlight Drive-In


Swan Drive-In opened up in Blue Ridge in 1955. At the time, there to be no TV in the city, and also demand for the movies to be huge. The regional businessmen might barely save up.

It took much effort and fortitude to develop the large drive-in theater, yet once it to be accomplished, Blue Ridge attracted world from miles about – every seeking to clock a movie on the huge screen.

It was called "Swan" due to the fact that of the beautiful, tranquil birds that among the owners admired while stationed in England prior to WWII.

Movies play seven days a week, with dual features Friday and Saturday. Tickets room $8 for adults and $5 for kids 4-11 years old. Concessions space available. Cash only; no cards accepted.

Visit Swan Drive-In


Tiger journey In Theatre (Tiger)

Tiger Drive-In, additionally in the mountains, originally opened in 1954, closed because that a little bit in the 1980s, and then reopened in 2004.

Catch a flick Friday, Saturday or Sunday, through double-features Friday and Saturday. Tickets room $10, and kids 4-11 years old are $5. Concessions room available, and also picnics are encouraged. Children will love the playground, too.

Don’t miss warm Rod Night top top the first Saturday the every month. Bring your hot rod because that $1 off admission and a cost-free small popcorn.

Visit Tiger Drive-In


Wilderness out Movie theater (Trenton)

On the Georgia/Tennessee border is Wilderness out Movie Theater, i m sorry touts the biggest outdoor drive-in movie screen in the world.

Double functions play on weekends three periods a year; the theatre is closed during winter months. Tickets room $7 – cash only. Pets welcome.

Park in your vehicle like a timeless drive-in theatre guest, or bring your blanket and also chairs come the an excellent lawn while friend watch.

Outside food and also drink (including alcohol) are not permitted. One extensive choice of concessions are available.

Visit Wilderness out Movie Theater

Final Note: many of the drive-in theaters space not making money native the movies they show. It’s the concession stand the drives the possibility for these historical landmarks to remain in business. Please think about purchasing a hamburger, fries, popcorn or funnel cake while girlfriend visit. Also if castle take credit transaction cards, cash is constantly better. Let’s work-related together to see these family adventure spots room still about for the following generation come enjoy!

Published: may 2020
Written by: Lesli Peterson
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