At Tiger Drive-In we are bridging the gap between our classic past and our glowing future. There used to more than 5,500 drive-in theaters an international and currently we are among only 349 left . . . Giving you a unique place to do memories that you merely can’t uncover anymore.

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Experience the movies from your car like the “old days” but with the benefits of every one of our modern-day amenities v our modern and high quality digital projection. We have all grass terraces, FM broadcasts, out speakers, Pandora pre-show music, Wi-Fi, and also the delicious TDI Grill. Also better, we expropriate Credit Cards, room pet friendly, have actually a playground because that the kids and so lot more!

So carry your picnic ceiling or warm up in your car. We’ll be right here waiting on you!



Encore Drive-In Nights showcases the world’s most iconic music stars v performances filmed specifically for drive-in theaters throughout North America.From the safety of her vehicle, you get a night out to reap a cinematic concert endure under the summer night sky & absent Out!For much more info, visit

We proud ourselves on gift as an imaginative and as versatile as friend are as soon as it comes to events. We sell a variety of special event that space sure to make your next gathering one come remember. So whether you are looking to execute something standard like a date of birth party or anniversaries, reconnaissance camp outs we can do it. We want to be a part of your next occasion whether over there are 5 of you or five hundred. Call us today for details!


Celebrate your following birthday party with us. We have very few restrictions and also no boundaries on participants.


Watch a movie under the stars then plug your X-Box into our Digital Projector and also game on the huge screen under the stars.


If you want to bring your RV or tent and crash in ours theater after the movie, not only will us not avoid you . . . We will encourage you! It’s $20 a night come camp. That contains the bathroom and also showers that stay open up plus an obtainable BBQ Grill.

Church groups. Occupational parties. Baseball teams. You space all welcome. Lug a group, do yourself in ~ home, and also have part fun.

Want to raise part money for your youth group or charity? make use of the strength of the movie to help you hit her group’s goal.

Cars. Motorcycles. Mountain Biking. Roadway Biking. Let us serve as your hub even if it is you love two wheels or four.

Our three vintage 1960’s campers have been revived and given an entertaining theme. Each camper is equipped through queen or complete beds, heating and air conditioning, linens, refrigerator, coffee machine and a exclusive area or deck for viewing movies. A few short actions away we have actually a shower, bathrooms, playground, and also BBQ grill. All three campers can be booked top top Airbnb because that $99 to add a $45 cleaning fee and include 2 movie passes.

THE FLAMINGLE; as you deserve to see, the Flamingle has everything we might find that has a flamingo consisting of table, dishes, pillows, lights, mugs, alcohol glasses and more!

DISCO DAZE; Disco Daze attributes a 1970’s décor including a disco round lamp, entertainment mechanism with Cd player and also record player, a repertoire of 70’s music, lava lamp and also a paint of man Travolta dancing.

TWEETY BIRD; our newest camper i m sorry is revived 1965 PLAY-MOR. This camper has actually a full bed, dining nook, and kitchenette. The interior has a contemporary home feel.

The STAR BARN is a renovated 70 year old barn overlooking its own manicured grass pasture,, the is in ~ walking distance of downtown Tiger Georgia and the Tiger journey In Theater. The barn has actually a fully equipped kitchen, wifi, 2 TVs, washer and also dryer, 3 decks, 2 bedrooms, 2 baths and couch in the living area have the right to accommodate additional guests. The barn is pets friendly and includes 3 bicycles and complimentary admission come the Tiger journey In Theater.

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The Honeymoon suite is in Tiger throughout from the Tiger drive In theater where you room offered free admission together a guest. The suite is an extremely private, has it’s own parking, two rock decks, large fireplace, yard, complete kitchen and also bath. The suite has one queen bed and also plenty that firewood in addition to a totally free bottle that wine.