Movies are sort of a thing here in Utah yet with every the mega plush movie theaters us think not enough drive-in theaters are getting the suitable attention castle deserve. Here’s 3 of the finest from around the state.

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Redwood Drive-in Theater

Redwood Drive-in

This outdoor theater has actually been reflecting movies due to the fact that 1948! due to the fact that then they’ve made a bunch of changes including a state that the arts projector system. Transfer a movie through their powerful FM system makes movies feel an ext real than ever. So, take the kids and load increase the suburban. Situated in West sink City added details have the right to be uncovered on their website.

Motor Vu Drive-in Theater

Motor Vu

Started in 1947, motor Vu has actually been a staple in the Salt Lake valley for generations. The theater functions four screens and a digital projection mechanism that will carry every movie come life. No literally, yet you understand what us mean. One of our favourite things around this drive-in is their snack bar. Instead of having to pay $5.50 because that a large coke, prices at the snack bar space much an ext reasonable and wallet friendly. What Megaplex or Cinemark offer dill pickles, onion rings, and also root beer floats? every these and much more can be uncovered at the snack bar at engine Vu. Motor Vu movie theater is located in Riverton and additional information can be discovered on their website.

Shooting Star Drive-in

Shooting Star Drive-in. Photo courtesy Visit Utah.

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Down in Utah’s Red rock Country, near the cool Staircase-Escalante Monument, which is awesome and also you should entirely go there, you’ll find Shooting Star RV will in Escalante. The resort has a Drive-in theater v a fleet of classic ’60s dare to clock an out movie. We believed this was pretty cool and definitely worth checking out. Movie are shown on Tuesdays, Thursdays and also Saturdays. Examine out your website to find out more.