PORTSMOUTH, Va. (gendergeek.org) —Police in Portsmouth space investigating a drive-by shoot Wednesday evening and have released video of the incident.

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Security camera footage reflects a black color SUV driving down Swanson Parkway roughly 6:10 p.m. In the direction of two pedestrians. You deserve to see a shooter emerge from the sunroof and also begin shooting at the pedestrians, before speeding off.

Police shown to 10 On your Side that the men, who room 23 and 24 year old, were injured and also taken to the hospital for treatment. Both of their injuries are thought about non life-threatening. The investigation uncovered that just the 24-year-old to be shot.

The black SUV had actually at least three civilization inside that all shot at the victims, police said.

Officers have located the doubt vehicle, but detectives space still looking for the people involved in the shooting.

** Disclaimer: below is the video released through Portsmouth Police that mirrors the victim getting shot.

Those with information should speak to the Crime heat at1-888-LOCK-U-UP or send a tip using the P3 Tips application on theirAppleorAndroiddevice or atwww.p3Tips.com.

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