PHILADELPHIA -- Philadelphia police have actually released video of the auto being search in a drive-by shooting the left one human dead and five others hurt on Monday afternoon.The shooting happened just before 2:30 p.m. Once police to speak an unknown suspect opened up fire ~ above a team of human being standing exterior near vast Street and also Chew path in the city"s Fern rock neighborhood.

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Video shows the moment that group ducked because that cover as the gunman within a silver Chrysler 300 unleashed a barrage that bullets.Police to speak 26-year-old Steven Jones was eliminated in the shooting. The five other victim were in between the ages of 19 come 28 year old and also were rushed come area hospitals and also placed in secure condition.WPVI-TV"s Chopper 6 was overhead together police cordoned turn off the crime scene wherein at the very least 24 shots were fired.On Tuesday, girlfriend of Jones started creating a memorial in ~ the scene with balloons order his name and also cards attached come the wall surface for people to sign for his family.
Some the the additional shooting victim who have actually been released from the hospital likewise came to pay their respects."He to be well-loved, well-respected, and well-appreciated," stated friend Mekka Williams. "We"ve got three youngsters to take care of, three educations come take care of."According to Deputy Commissioner Joel Dales, the shooter was believed to be in the backseat the the Chrysler 300 with dark-tinted windows once the gunfire rang out.
"The car was travel eastbound ~ above the 1300 block that West Chew avenue from vast (Street) when the shooting occurred," stated Dales. "It"s a busy area. Say thanks to God that youngsters were no out as soon as the shooting occurred."The shooting occurred one block north of SEPTA"s Olney transport Center, among the busiest hubs in the city. Eight civilization were shot at the transportation facility in February.

Philadelphia Deputy Commissioner Joel Dales offers update on deadly drive-by shoot on September 20, 2021.

"This is outrageous!" Councilmember Cindy Bass said of the gun violence. "This need to not be happening. And also where is ours mayor? We require our mayor to engage, act prefer you care, come on out and also see what"s happening."In solution to Bass" statements, market Jim Kenney"s office claimed at the moment of the shooting he to be on a Zoom meeting functioning to get more funding native the Biden management to address the root reasons of gun violence.

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"The mayor has demonstrated a commitment to gun violence, and also there is no better priority for his administration," stated the mayor"s office in a statement.To date, Philadelphia has actually 1,617 shooting victim this year, and 334 the those shootings were fatal.



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