'Duck Dynasty' Drive-By Shooting doubt Sues Robertsons because that Defamation

'Duck Dynasty' Willie Robertson family members Sued through Drive-By suspect ... Guy insurance claims Defamation

The man who was arrested and also charged for a drive-by shooting of "Duck Dynasty" star Willie Robertson"s house is currently suing Willie and also his family, claiming he to be wrongfully arrested ... And defamed by the family.

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This is a strange one, because that sure, however Daniel Dean King is suing Willie, Willie"s son John Luke Robertson, and also John"s mam Mary Kate ... Alleging he"s experienced from gift incarcerated and also took one unfair hit come his reputation.

In docs, acquired by gendergeek.org, King says John and Mary reported they to be targets the a drive-by shooting ~ above April 24, 2020 while lock were home with their son -- which resulted in King"s arrest -- however he cases their statements come cops were "calculated, false and ultimately defamatory."

According to the suit, King claims the cops did not appropriately investigate the case prior to arresting him, and also wrongly -- the believes -- charging him v felony aggravated attack by drive-by shooting.

in spite of his allegations in the lawsuit, there"s still an energetic criminal case against King -- and according come the fourth Judicial district DA"s Office ... The charge versus him has actually been adjusted to felony illegal use of a danger weapon.

King -- who shows up to have filed the fit without a lawyer -- goes on to accuse Willie and John of publicizing his arrest and making defamatory statements, which he insurance claims were intended come hurt his rep.

Along v suing Willie"s family members for damages, he"s going after Robertson"s Duck Commander firm and the Ouachita Parish Sheriff"s Office too.

As we an initial told friend ... When King to be arrested, he accused admitted to police he to be the shooter and also told them he "had to be drinking Vodka throughout this incident." The Robertsons were additionally granted a restraining order against him. So, his sue reads favor a desperate attempt to gain some revenge on the family.

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We"ve reached out come Willie, yet no word ago yet.

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