Sweet, spicy and ridiculously easy, this 2-ingredient cocktail cooking recipes is simply right because that chilly nights.

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Fireball and also Ginger Ale is a drink idea that pairs well through holiday cheer. No issue what holiday you’re celebrating. If girlfriend love Fireball Cocktails, this can be the easiest!


Just 2 ingredients

I’m not a shots kind of gal. Or at the very least I wasn’t until I tried Fireball. The cinnamon whiskey has actually a touch of sweetness which provides it go under smooth.

I mean, it’s going to burn. Yet it will certainly be worth it. And also it renders a great ingredient for simple cocktails. (Fireball and Dr. Pepper is likewise a MUST!)

In this Fireball Mule, that sings. And just so friend know, it makes for a very delicious Pumpkin Pie and also can be infused in cupcakes too. That’s a hard-working ingredient.

Can friend mix Fireball through Ginger Ale

Yes! and you should. I love come look for 2-ingredient drink ideas. And also Ginger Ale and also Fireball is all you need.

Like Vodka and Coke, there’s fixed a recipe. However the finished task is magic.

Does Fireball Ginger Ale have actually a Name

I’m not 100% sure. Ns did a small bit the research and came throughout the surname “Ginger Balls.” i don’t recognize who chose that. Ns don’t recognize if it’s accurate. Yet that is the name ns found. I will never ever before refer to the name again.



You can find Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey at most neighborhood grocery stores. Together I provided above, you deserve to make every kinds the cocktails and also baked goods with it so the idea of to buy a entirety bottle is not an outrageous idea.

If you prefer, you have the right to buy a small, air-line sized party at a regional wine store. That method you can shot it before you buy a totality bottle.

While I prefer to store my house bar very simple but i do get quite a little bit of usage out of mine Fireball.

Ginger Ale is a usual cocktail mixer and also they currently make it in these tiny cans which means there is less waste. Or, if you’re having a party, you can buy a 2-liter bottle of it.

How to make Ginger Ale and Fireball Whiskey


To a short cocktail glass, include ice.

Top through Fireball whiskey then top with ginger ale.

A straightforward recipe would certainly be 1 component of Fireball to 4-5 components of ginger ale.


Top it with a maraschino cherry and also you’re every set. Or even an orange slice would be fine. If you desire to acquire extra an elaborate you can do a cinnamon stick.

It’s spicy, complete of cinnamon flavor yet refreshing in ~ the very same time. It feels just right for Christmas and holiday parties.

But it also feels right for a camping vacation. It’s simply that type of drink.

You can include a small Cointreau to give it a note of orange. Or friend can add some amaretto because that an almond kick. For being so basic it is pretty versatile.

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And if this also feels like too much effort, top top account of 2020, simply do a shot.

What else can you mix with Fireball

Here room a couple of more mixers to do 2-ingredient Fireball cocktails.

Pepsi or CokeCoffeeLemonadeRoot BeerGinger Beer

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