Looking for Cinco de mayo drinks? right here are every the ideal cocktails for celebrating: both margaritas and lots more!


Cinco de Mayo may not be formally commemorated in Mexico. However in America, it’s a day because that celebration that Mexican society and heritage. And what far better way to execute it than v tequila drink of all kinds! Tequila is a mexican distilled soul made from the agave plant, and also it’s been produced since the 16th century. How’s that for a history? over the years, many classic cocktails and also drinks have developed using this tasty liquor.

Here are all the ideal Cinco de mei drinks to celebrate the holiday, consisting of margaritas and more! there are classic Mexican cocktails favor the Paloma and Chelada, and outside the box spins like the mexico Mule or Ranch Water.

And now…the finest Cinco de mei drinks!

First up in our Cinco de mei drinks: the margarita pitcher! If you’re entertaining around a key of guacamole, you don’t desire to need to stop every 5 minute to squeeze and also shake a new drink. The solution: a Margarita pitcher recipe. This one provides 8 drink so you don’t need to stop the party. It’s based upon our standard margarita, therefore it’s obtained no added sugar! just citrus, Cointreau and tequila make the an extremely best margarita pitcher recipe you’ll ever before have.

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Also try: Simple Margarita, Triple Sec Margarita, or Virgin Margarita (non-alcoholic version)

Here’s a Cinco de mayo drink that marries the perfect mix of pineapple, tequila and also lime: the Pineapple Margarita! We’ve become experts in every the margarita recipes, from the standard to the much more off-the-wall. And also this juicy, fruity cocktail has end up being a favorite! The sweet pineapple works together with the spicy bite that the tequila and also zingy lime. Add Cointreau orange liqueur to the mix, and also it’s a party. You require to include this to your cocktail repertoire…stat.

Also try: Pineapple Jalapeno Margarita

Palomas as perfect because that Cinco de Mayo! Cousin the the margarita, this classic Mexican cocktail recipe features tequila with grapefruit instead of lime. An altering up the citrus provides for a simple sour that’s sweet tart and also refreshing. The Paloma is traditionally made with grapefruit soda, however for an all natural spin this recipe offers grapefruit juice and soda water (and it’s simpler to find!). Include a salt rim and also you’re in business!

There’s a new cocktail that’s prepared to take over Cinco de Mayo. Meet Ranch Water! Yes, Ranch Water is the unofficial drink that West Texas (so it's technically Tex Mex), essentially a tequila highball made v lime juice and Topo Chico. It’s favor a bubbly, lighter version of the classic margarita, v all the tangy lime but less sweetness and booze. Might there be anything an ext refreshing?

Love a good margarita or Paloma? this is a mexico cocktail the you’ll adore: the Cantarito! This tasty tequila drink is similar to a Paloma, however it’s got more citrus juices prefer orange, lemon and lime juice. Layer the in a traditional clay cup, and also the result is stunning: it’s a light and refreshing drink that tastes even better sipped the end of a cold clay rim. Don’t have one? You have the right to serve that in a highball glass too. 

If you want to impress, shot this Tequila Sunrise! it’s beautiful and also vibrant, with layered color of a summer sunset. This is the finest part: the so straightforward to make! all you require is 3 ingredients: and also no special approaches or equipment! The flavor is refreshingly sweet, with simply a hints of tequila.

Want to warmth up your cocktail repertoire? please meet: the Jalapeno margarita! take a classic margarita and also shake that up v a few jalapeño pepper slices. The pepper adds a backend kick the takes this favourite drink to brand-new heights! At very first sip it tastes crisp and also tart, and then POW! It hits you ~ above the backend! It’s obtained just the right amount of heat to mix points up, but not so lot that it’s throat burning.

Want a fun spin top top the margarita? shot a Cadillac Margarita! as the name implies, this is a innovative version that the margarita. Float grand Marnier on optimal of your classic margarita and you’ve acquired the Cadillac. It has a nuanced odor that will make everyone say, “Wow! what’s in this?” the a great way to action up her cocktail game with very tiny effort.

Also try: grand Marnier Margarita

Looking for a signature Cinco de mei drink that’s sweet, tart, salty, and also smoky all at once? satisfy the Mezcal Paloma. This cocktail has everything you need in a drink. The sweetness of grapefruit juice contrasts the cake lime and bubbly soda water. Optimal it off through a background smokiness that mezcal and a salt rim, and also it can not be more fun. This turn on the Mexican Paloma is absolutely worth adding to her collection: specifically if you’re a mezcal fan.

Want a refreshing beer cocktail that’s as irresistible as it is simple to mix up? try a Mexican-style Chelada! The Chelada is tangy and also refreshing, infusing mexico beer through irresistible zing of fresh lime juice. Top it off through a braided rim and also it’s best Cinco de mayo or anytime: a laid ago brunch, cocktails top top the patio, or a dinner of shrimp tacos.

Love margaritas and also want a fruity spin? try this tasty and refreshing variation: a Strawberry Margarita! This one is icy and fruity, full of berry flavor however perfectly complimented with tangy lime and the bite the tequila. The marg bag perfectly with fruit. You'll in love with this berry spin and also its vibrant red color and sweet cake flavor.

More fruity margaritas: Watermelon Margarita, Blackberry Margarita, Peach Margarita and Mango Margarita

Can’t get sufficient tequila drink for Cinco de Mayo? Here’s one of the best of them all — exterior of the Classic Margarita, of course. Enter the Mexican mule! This drink is bold, it’s bubbly, and also it’s ready to spice up your next gathering. A spin on the Moscow Mule, this tequila-based version could be even better than the inspiration. The method the bite the the tequila combines through spicy ginger and zingy lime renders it difficult not to automatically take an additional sip.

The classic margarita is one the biggest cocktails of all time. What’s the best way to outfit it for summer? try this Frozen Margarita recipe! the our favourite entertaining trick. Who can turn under the sweet tart goodness that a frosty margarita?

If you’re no drinking micheladas: well then, friend haven’t lived! The michelada is a spicy beer cocktail made v Mexican beer, tomato juice, lime juice and hot sauce. Take into consideration it a kind of combination between a Bloody Mary and a beer margarita. The best part is the glass rim: a mix of Old Bay, chili powder and celery salt bring a salty, savory flair come the front end of this refresh drink.

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Want a margarita cooking recipes with less calories? yes sir a systems for that: the Skinny Margarita! Yes, a skinny Margarita is a thing: that a lighter variation of this classic drink. Here's the thing: this drink is extraordinarily tasty, too! Using numerous lime and orange juice and a little less liquor, it’s feasible to make a margarita that tastes as good as the real thing (we think!).

Last increase in our Cinco de mayo drinks: the irresistibly smoky mezcal margarita. Including the rich, smoky smell of mezcal to a margarita is a no-brainer: it goes hand in hand with the tangy lime! One sip and you'll be sold. If girlfriend love smoky flavors and can handle a little bit of boozy punch in your drinks, you’ll loss hard because that this margarita. (Like us did!)

More mexican drinks and also tequila cocktails

There space lots an ext ideas wherein these come from! below are a couple of more mexico cocktails and tequila drinks to try:

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