A mysterious woman damaged the net after gift banned from a Walmart because that drinking wine from a Pringles can. Correct! You read that right.

This woman either has actually lots of balls, is off her meds, or she just doesn’t care. One of two people way, you can’t but help admire her spirit. Because not only was she drinking wine native a potato chip can, she also thought it’d be fun to ride around on an electric cart transparent the parking lot.

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together they say, “Not every heroes undertake capes.” The visualization of this act would straight-up make anyone laugh.

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The police arrived at the Walmart around 9:00 a.m. And there was no sight of the Pringles drinkin’ lady.

as soon as the police found the woman in question, they informed her that she was banned from the Walmart store.

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and also drinking one alcoholicbeverage in the very beforehand morning hours, riding ~ above an electrical mobility cart— regularly used for those through physical limitations. She to be probably having a good time!

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this cans are 10 inches tall and also three customs wide. Guess: v you can understand why it took her part time to consume her beverage.

i hope she washed the have the right to out before she poured she vino into it. Surely, there were salty remnants.

If she had actually been drink the hard stuff — like whiskey or bourbon — things could have gone really bad.

to be it red or white? What’s a good glass that wine come drink before the sunlight comes up? space we specific it wasn’t a Mimosa?

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Authorities space not releasing the woman’s name and there is noindication she was arrested or fined.

and we perform not recognize the mental health and wellness of this woman. She can be going with a crisis and this to be her means to deal.

most of united state find an imaginative ways to kill time when we need to. The doesn’t obtain more an innovative than this.

every usual, the net is chiming in ~ above this woman’s behavior – and in a an excellent way. After ~ all, she go no harm.

Inquiring minds would favor to know what flavor of chips remained in the can prior to the wine. Certain she ate those first.

other than having an open up intoxicant, she wasn’t steering a car— she to be scooting around. And also you don’t require a patent for that, folks.

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us cannot be perfect all the time. Life is hefty for everyone and also we all deal with it in our own ways.

She will more than likely be an web sensation. And maybe the Pringles brand will name a flavor after her? Or begin to do Pringle alcohol glasses?