Almost anyone in center school or high school has heard the city legend: if you drink Coke and also eat Mentos, you’ll explode!

Protected through fear, few kids actually end up attempting the stunt, even to prove their guts to their peers.

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After all, it’s renowned that dropping Mentos right into a bottle of Diet Coke will cause a suddenly geyser that soda foam to erupt.

So what happens if friend drink coke and also eat Mentos?

You’ll suddenly suffer an upsurge of soda foam and also will likely burp or vomit up big amounts the the ingredient in seconds.

The suddenly swell the carbon dioxide inside her stomach will require an escape.

This is the exact same thing the happens to any kind of other container v volatile ingredients.

Thankfully, there’s already a renowned escape hatch located at your mouth.


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Swigging some Coke and also swallowing part Mentos will certainly essentially cause a the majority of the carbon dioxide trapped in the soda in her stomach to all of sudden bubble and shot to escape.

However, your stomach is not enough of a seal to store this sudden pressure adjust contained inside.

If this to be the case, eat Mentos and drinking soda may undoubtedly be dangerous.

But together it stands, every you’ll endure if you drink Coke and also eat Mentos is some mild discomfort and possibly part embarrassing vomiting.

It’s not recommended to carry out this, also for a party trick, however you’ll survive with only your pride wounded overall.

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While there are countless stories of people dying from all of sudden exploding because of the sirloin of carbon dioxide broadening in their stomach, no one of this stories room factually true and no video clip footage has ever been recorded of such an accident.

It is most likely that this stories space exaggerated and have been spread on the net for entertain purposes.

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Coca-Cola is a carbonated beverage the is complete of liquified carbon dioxide.

The gas type of carbon dioxide bonds v the water molecules present in the cola. Most Coca-Cola is preserved carbonated by a sealed bottle, which create a pressurized setting where the carbonated gas can’t escape till the cap has been broken off or opened.

This is why soda slowly loses that carbonation gradually after it’s been opened.

When soda is poured into a glass, most of the carbon dioxide stays trapped under the water (or liquid) thanks to its surface tension.

While some of the gas does control to escape by forming bubbles, most of that does not.

The remainder of the procedure happens thanks to the physics properties that Mentos.

In bespeak for an ext carbon dioxide bubbles to it is in created, the bonds v the ambient water in the soda have to be broken.

Mentos has actually thousands the tiny bump over that surface even though the candy can look smooth come the naked eye.

The rough surface of the candy creates friction wherein the heavier carbon dioxide molecules can sink and break far from their bonds v the water neighboring the. The carbon dioxide, when freed from its bonds, forms tiny bubbles that room lighter 보다 water and also which want to rise.

Imagine this small procedure happening thousands of times in the second and you acquire the trademark spring of soda bubbles that rise out that the bottle.

This impact can it is in maximized to a specific extent by adding a few Mentos candies come a offered soda bottle, although there is a breaking point where adding more candies doesn’t do the geyser any much more impressive.

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As formerly stated, the surface ar of Mentos candies is what provides this reaction work.

All that the tiny pores top top a Mentos’ surface ar break the polar bonds between the carbon dioxide and the water, i beg your pardon is why any Mentos candy through a smooth surface falls short to produce any reaction at all.

Since the Mentos merely facilitates the production of bubbles, the candy will proceed to act as a catalyst for carbon dioxide bubble formation until every one of the surrounding CO2 has been tired in the bottle.

This doesn’t always cause a geyser to erupt the end of a coke bottle; because that instance, a Mentos candy reduced into quarters will produce less the a reaction 보다 a complete candy.


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But the process is consistent and grow exponentially.

If enough candies are thrown right into a bottle of Coke, the geyser is created because all the bubbles basic pile atop one another on your journey the end of the confined room of the bottle.

Mentos’ ingredient also assist this reaction to some extent.

Mentos candies generally have gum Arabic and gelatin in your formulas.

Both of this ingredients reduced the surface stress and anxiety of the soda, i beg your pardon exacerbates the bubbling reaction and also makes the geyser happen much an ext quickly. Reduced surface tension provides it simpler for the balloon to an episode to the surface and also attempt come escape.

Furthermore, dropping the Mentos into the soda bottle with pressure to make it descend quickly will certainly force much more carbon dioxide v its small pores and make a much faster reaction were an ext bubbles are produced in a brief amount that time.

Mentos that drift peacefully through the soda will have a weaker reaction in comparison.

Theoretically speaking, any kind of candy that has enough tiny pores choose Mentos should have the ability to do this job.

However, there space very few candies v the same kind that porous surface as Mentos, i m sorry is why the science experiment is frequently done with these candies instead of others.

However, any form of carbonated soda can be a replacement for Coca-Cola; the crucial is carbonation an ext than noþeles else.

You might even theoretically achieve this with club soda, although the surface stress of the water wouldn’t be weakened because club soda only has actually a couple of basic ingredients.

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Diet soda stereotypically has a far better reaction than consistent soda.

This is due to the fact that diet sodas have aspartame whereas consistent soda typically does not.

Regular soda supplies sugar or corn syrup to derive most of its sweetening flavor, however diet soda eschews these ingredients in the surname of under calories and better health.

While sugar and also corn syrup both aid to lower the surface stress and anxiety of water to some degree, aspartame go this come a much higher quality and can do the geyser effect happen much much more quickly.

Therefore, diet soda is far better than consistent soda if you desire to make the best Mentos foam geyser possible.


Image Courtesy the Mo Pie

You can also increase the result by adding extra ingredient to a provided soda.

Adding some dishwasher soap and water to a soda bottle deserve to lower the surface anxiety of the water even further.

The result splash from diet soda through this mixture would certainly surely it is in something come record.

Finally, making your soda bottle warmer rather of cooler will make the geyser higher and faster.

Gas becomes much much less soluble in warmer environments; cold soda stifles the gas creation effect and also will make your geyser weaker.

All of these tricks help to enhance the speed and drama that a Mentos eruption.

Any Mentos in the soda will certainly eventually cause all the carbon dioxide to become gaseous and escape the bottle; the only distinction is in exactly how fast and also how explosively the occurs.

You have the right to see the results of this yourself by crushing a Mentos and dropping it right into a bottle, then comparing the reaction come the entirety candy v all that pores intact.

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Are There any kind of Long-Term Health dangers Eating Mentos & Soda?

The irreversible health dangers of drinking Coke and eating Mentos are mostly nonexistent.

Since the escaping gas either comes the end in the kind of a long burp or in foam that’s expelled v vomiting, the concern basically stops when the soda has actually evacuated her stomach in one means or another.

It definitely won’t it is in comfortable and also Mentos, yet there aren’t any type of real health threats from act so.

The only way you could reliably damaged yourself from this stunt is if girlfriend did the over and over again.

Vomiting in overfill is never ever a good sign since stomach mountain wears far the cell of the esophagus and can reason mouth or throat cancer.

Occasional vomiting indigenous sickness or a stomach an insect is normal, however forcing yourself to throw up soda and candy in ~ every party is a one-way ticket to extra complications.

Furthermore, upsetting your stomach needlessly through causing a roiling storm of bubbling coke is most likely to make you feel negative in general, full stop.

Your stomach is surrounded by plenty of other internal organs that change normally when you eat a large meal.

But the bubbling you’ll feel on her insides isn’t simple or gentle, so it shouldn’t be performed regularly.

Overall, there’s no require to issue if you’ve done this when or twice prior to on a challenge from a friend.

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But it shouldn’t it is in a regular trick in your party repertoire.

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