Beer is a well-known alcoholic beverage made by brewing and fermenting grain grains v yeast, hops, and other flavoring agents. Most species of beer contain 4–6% alcohol, but the beverage can selection from 0.5–40%.

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Because emerging research has shown that moderate quantities of wine may have actually health benefits, many civilization wonder if beer can be great for you.

This post explores the nutrition of beer, and its potential benefits and also downsides.

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Beer nutrition
Though beer is regularly viewed as empty calories, it has some minerals and also vitamins.

Below is a nutrition compare of 12 ounces (355 mL) the standard and also light beer (1, 2):

Standard beerLight beer
Protein1.6 grams0.9 grams
Fat0 grams0 grams
Carbs13 grams6 grams
Niacin9% the the daily Value (DV)9% the the DV
Riboflavin7% that the DV7% that the DV
Choline7% that the DV6% that the DV
Folate5% of the DV5% of the DV
Magnesium5% that the DV4% of the DV
Phosphorus4% that the DV3% that the DV
Selenium4% that the DV3% the the DV
Vitamin B123% the the DV3% that the DV
Pantothenic acid3% the the DV2% that the DV
Alcohol13.9 grams11 grams

In addition, both varieties contain little amounts that potassium, calcium, thiamine, iron, and also zinc. The content of B vitamins and minerals is a an outcome of beer gift made from grain grains and yeast.

Notably, irradiate beer has about two-thirds that the calorie of constant beer and slightly much less alcohol.

Though beer contains tiny amounts the micronutrients, it isn’t a great source contrasted with entirety foods prefer fruits and vegetables. Girlfriend would must drink massive amounts of beer to reach your daily nutrient requirements.


Beer has a variety of B vitamins and minerals due to the fact that it’s made from cereal grains and also yeast. However, totality foods favor fruits and vegetables room a better source. Friend shouldn’t usage beer to reach your day-to-day nutrient needs.

Potential benefits

Light to moderate beer intake might be linked to some health and wellness benefits.

May advantage your heart

Heart condition is the leading reason of fatality in the United says (3).

Several studies indicate that irradiate to moderate beer and also alcohol intake might be associated with a lower risk of heart disease.

A 12-week examine in 36 adults with overweight discovered that center beer input — one drink for women, two drinks for guys per day — enhanced the antioxidant properties of HDL (good) cholesterol while additionally improving the body’s capacity to eliminate cholesterol (4).

A large review declared that low to middle beer entry — as much as one drink per day in women, up to 2 for males — might lower heart condition risk come a comparable extent together wine (5).

However, it’s crucial to note that this potential services are concerned light to moderate input only. ~ above the various other hand, heavy alcohol intake can boost your danger of heart condition and stroke (5).

May boost blood street control

Light to moderate alcohol input may boost blood street control, an problem for many people with diabetes.

Several research studies have uncovered that light to middle alcohol intake shows up to alleviate insulin resistance — a risk factor for diabetes — and the in its entirety risk for developing kind 2 diabetes (6, 7, 8).

What’s more, a huge study in end 70,500 participants linked moderate alcohol entry — 14 drinks per week for men and also nine drink per main for women — with a 43% and also 58% lower risk the diabetes because that men and also women, dong (9).

However, heavy and binge drinking can respond to these benefits and significantly increase the hazard of diabetes (8, 10).

It’s also important to keep in mind that this potential advantage doesn’t use to beers and also other alcoholic beverages that contain high amounts of sugar.

Other potential benefits

Light to moderate beer intake might be associated with this benefits:


Light come moderate beer intake may be linked with a lower risk of heart disease, enhanced blood sugar control, more powerful bones, and also reduced dementia risk. However, heavy and binge drinking has actually the the opposite effects.

Though irradiate to moderate beer intake has actually potential benefits, hefty intake and also binge drinking deserve to be very harmful.

Below are some of the an adverse effects of drinking too lot alcohol:

To mitigate the danger of negative health consequences, it’s ideal to limit your intake come no more than one conventional drink per day because that women and also two for men (26).

In the joined States, a conventional drink contains roughly 14 grams of pure alcohol, i m sorry is the amount frequently found in 12 ounces (355 mL) of regular beer, 5 ounces (150 mL) the wine, or 1.5 ounces (45 mL) of spirit (27).


Heavy beer and alcohol intake has several an adverse effects, including a higher risk of early on death, alcohol dependence, depression, liver disease, load gain, and also cancers.

In short, the health results of drinking beer are mixed.

Though little amounts may be associated with benefits, hefty or binge drinking is connected with negative health effects. These encompass an boosted risk of alcohol use disorder, depression, liver disease, weight gain, cancers, and death.

Keep in mental that even though drinking alcohol might offer part benefits, girlfriend can attain the very same positive impacts by enjoying a varied nutrient-rich diet of whole foods choose fruits and vegetables.

Compared with standard beer, irradiate beer has a comparable amount of vitamins and also minerals yet slightly fewer calories and also less alcohol. This provides light beer a far better option if she deciding between the two.

On a last note, some people wonder if drink beer after a practice can help their recovery.

While some evidence shows that drinking a low alcohol beer with electrolytes have the right to improve rehydration, other studies have displayed that alcohol can hinder muscle growth and recovery (28, 29, 30).

In addition, it’s more effective to rehydrate by drink nonalcoholic electrolyte beverages.


The health benefits of drink beer room mixed. Despite drinking little amounts might be connected with benefits, the beverage is likewise associated with numerous harmful side effects.

Beer is a renowned alcoholic beverage it is been roughly for hundreds of years.

In the unified States, a traditional beer is 12 ounces (355 mL). Drinking one or two standard beers every day may have actually positive effects, such together benefits to your heart, far better blood sugar control, more powerful bones, and reduced dementia risk.

However, heavy and binge drink counters these potential health and wellness benefits and is instead linked with a greater risk of early on death, alcohol dependence or alcohol use disorder, depression, liver disease, weight gain, and cancers.

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Though short to moderate amounts of alcohol might offer some benefits, girlfriend can accomplish the very same positive impacts by enjoying a differed nutrient-rich diet of entirety foods favor fruits and also vegetables.