A cook water advisory is in place for Fairfax County residents in the Hiddenbrook area the end of an abundance of fist after a valve failure, authorities say.

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There’s no well-known water high quality issue, Fairfax Water says.

Customers phibìc of Herndon, south of course 7 and west that the Fairfax ar Parkway should boil your water for 1 minute prior to consuming, Fairfax Water says.


Map the the affected area as of 3 p.m. On Saturday, Nov. 13, 2021. Fairfax Water says the affected area is in parts of Fairfax ar “bounded by Folly Lick Stream valley Park ~ above the east and the Fairfax County/Loudoun county Border top top the west, and extending indigenous Clearview Elementary school in the south to Woodson journey in the north.”

Northern Virginia

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Water customers external that area and also people who acquire water native the town of Herndon are not influenced and can drink your water without treatment.

Here’s what Fairfax Water says influenced customers need to do:

Bring water to a rolling cook for 1 minute.Allow the water come cool before using.Store the cooled water in a clean container through a cover.

Use treated water for drinking, to brush teeth, washing produce, preparing infant formula, watering pet or making ice.

The boil water advisory is meant to proceed into Monday, Fairfax Water says.

Samples will be tested for potential bacteria and chlorine levels. The Virginia room of Health’s Office of drink Water will confirm when the water is safe to drink there is no treatment, Fairfax Water says.

A valve failure brought about a ns of press in component of the water circulation system. The valve the failed has been fixed and also water business returned to homes.

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This is a breaking news story. Stay with News4 because that details.

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