Celebrity IOU: What to Know around Drew Scott ~ above Dancing v The Stars Celebrity IOU star drew Scott contended on Dancing v The Stars season 25 together with professional dancer Emma Slater, and also he did really well.

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Celebrity IOU star attracted Scott competed on ABC"s Dancing with The Stars season 25 along with professional dancer Emma Slater, and also he did really fine on the show. Attracted Scott and his pair brother Jonathan are ideal known for the HGTV fight show Property Brothers, whereby they buy, renovate, and sell homes for profit. Drew"s field of specialization is in real estate, for this reason he"s the one who"s responsible for finding properties and also then offering them. In turn, Jonathan is a license is granted contractor that takes care of all the renovations the they carry out in stimulate to upper and lower reversal a neglected house into a sellable property.

Together, similar twins Drew and Jonathan Scott have turned Property Brothers into a struggle show for HGTV. The series now has actually multiple spin-offs, such as Brother vs. BrotherCelebrity IOUBuying and also Selling, and Property Brothers: Forever Home, to name a few. All of those nature are produced under Drew and Jonathan"s company Scott brother Global, i beg your pardon is additionally co-managed by your older brothers JD Scott. Some fans could not establish it, but Drew Scott was in reality a contestant ~ above a season the ABC"s Dancing through The Stars a few years ago. And, surprisingly, he actually got very far on the show.

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In 2017, Celebrity IOU co-host drew Scott contended on Dancing through The Stars season 25. He was paired increase with experienced dancer Emma Slater, who had been featured ~ above the show since season 17. Together, Drew and also Emma danced the foxtrot, the Argentine tango, the jive, the paso doble, and also even the cha-cha-cha. They had an typical score the 23.8 and also made it every the means to 4th place, i beg your pardon is quite remarkable. Yet in the end, attracted couldn"t to win finalists Jordan Fisher, lindsay Stirling, and Frankie Muniz. Drew"s highest possible score on DWTS come in main 7, where his freestyle run to "Phantom the the Opera" earned him 3 10s indigenous the judges - a perfect score.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 has actually been a an extremely busy year for the stars of brothers Vs. Brother. The Property Brothers series is still going solid even after ~ so many years, and Brother Vs. Brother is at this time the highest-rated show on HGTV. When it comes to their personal lives, drew Scott married Linda Phan in 2018, and the pair is still happily together. In turn, Jonathan Scott met actress Zooey Deschanel when filming Carpool Karaoke in 2019, and also they started dating best after that. They"re additionally still together.

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It"s no surprised that these charismatic similar twins have turned Celebrity IOU into yet another hit show. Every little thing that these brothers touch turns right into gold - may that be a residence for sale, a renovation display on HGTV, or even a dance layout on Dancing v The Stars.

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