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Pinterest email Send Text blog post print Comment Scott took his final bow on Monday night’s Dancing v the Stars — yet looking ago on the competition, he has actually no regrets.

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“Honestly, simply to it is in in the final four way everything,” the Property brothers star called reporters after the show.

“I honestly didn’t think the I would make it here, and also it’s all because of this gal appropriate here,” the said, referencing his pro partner Emma Slater. “I couldn’t give thanks to her enough!”

While the didn’t go away v this season’s desire Mirrorball trophy, the 39-year-old still has a lot of to be proud of — including his staggering 34 lb. Load loss.

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“I’ve always been a pretty healthy guy, however I haven’t done as lot cardio as I need to have,” he said. “And I never ever thought dance would give me this much, so ns will absolutely with an ext sports — that’s exactly how I prefer to obtain my cardio, and then possibly put a bit of muscle ago on. I’ve to reduce a lot of muscle.”

Asked what his wife-to-be Linda Phan thinks, attracted quipped: “She’s like, ‘Oh, hello abs!’”

And also though his ballroom days room over, don’t mean him to put away his dancing shoes forever.“I simply have much more energy, and I’m not preventing dancing,” that said. “I’m walk to it is in the many annoying human being ever because I’m going come dance almost everywhere I go!his My brother is walk to be like, ‘Stop dancing on the present already.’ “As because that whether fans can expect to’s twin Jonathan on the alphabet dance competition?

“Jonathan and I have been asked for years to both carry out it together a brothers vs. Brother and I keep teasing ,” stated “I’m like, ‘Hey, ns did it. Ns guess i one-upped you.’ You need to do reverse psychology v Jonathan and also maybe he’ll come and also do it.”

And last however not least, we had to ask the HGTV star just how he to plan on celebrate the finish of his DWTS journey: with one big dinner.

“We’re gonna go out and I’m going to eat a lot tonight,” the said. “I want a burger and hot dog and also sushi. Is the a monster combo?”