He might never have actually had any kind of children that his own, but Drew Carey knows a point or two about being a dad. The Whose line is it Anyway? host is the proud stepfather to his ex-fiancée’s son, Connor.

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Drew competent fatherhood at the moment he was involved to Nicole Jaracz, that is the mom of her organic teenage child from a vault relationship. Although attracted is not his father by blood, The Price Is Right host has constantly referred come the youngster together his lover “son.”


Although coparenting deserve to be difficult, Drew and also Nicole made that look easy. Over 4 years after they initially dubbed it quits, the Dirty Jokes and Beer writer took come Instagram to offer his ex-fiancée a sweet shout-out on mummy Day.

“Lifelong thanks and also love and gratitude come Nicole because that bringing this guy into my life,” that sweetly gushed in may 2016. “Happy mother’s Day to you especially.”


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There’s no doubt Connor is a blessing come the film producer, however Drew once attributed the teen with conserving his life. In November 2009, the TV personality was at his heaviest weight of end 250 pounds. Due to the fact that he was occurring various weight-related wellness conditions, including type-2 diabetes, attracted felt hopeless. It was Connor who offered him the impetus to get earlier in shape and reclaim his life.

“I couldn’t store up v him,” the Drew Carey Show alum candidly revealed to Parade in September 2010, explaining the he couldn’t save up with his kiddo due to the fact that running around would leave him breathless and sweating after simply a couple of minutes. “I’d it is in like, ‘Connor, ns can’t,’ and he’d say, ‘C’mon, Dad!’ that was a devastating feeling. Ns thought, I’m never going to see him graduate high school.” thanks to Connor, attracted dropped end 100 pounds.


Drew has actually only talked about his kid on a variety of occasions, but he has shared a few cute pics of them on society media. In 2015, the sports executive gushed over “father and son” time while backstage in ~ The so late Late Show. “Interviewing Ethan Hawke around boyhood tonight,” he wrote alongside a pic that the duo.

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The complying with year, attracted posted a cute selfie while cuddling in bed through Connor during a vacation in Kenya. “Good Morning,” the captioned the pic, adding the hashtag, “Me and my boy” at the end of his post.