Tom Brady is considered to be one of the finest quarterbacks of all time, owing to his innumerable awards and records. However there is one man giving Brady a operation for his money - former quarterback drew Brees.

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Both quarterbacks gotten in the organization only a year apart, through Brees acquiring picked 32nd in the 2nd round of the 2001 NFL breeze by the san Diego Chargers while Brady was picked 199th in the 6th round that the 2000 NFL draft by the brand-new England Patriots. 

Drew Brees has had an illustrious career, extending two decades, playing for the Chargers native 2001 to 2005, until he to be signed by the new Orleans Saints, with whom he ongoing until the end of his football career. On the various other hand, Brady is quiet going strong, after having actually played 20 periods with the Patriots till he to be signed by the Tampa bay Buccaneers for his 21st season.

Both players have been contrasted time and also again but only one have the right to be the biggest quarterback.


Brees Vs Brady career Stats

Drew Brees leader the document in continuous season passing yards, career completion percentage and also career pass completions if Tom Brady take away the lead in touchdown passes, gamings started, completions and passing yards. Brees ranks second in career happen attempts and also career touchdown passes. That has additionally broked a 52-year old document for consecutive gamings with a touchdown pass.

Drew BreesTom BradyDrew BreesTom Brady
Regular SeasonRegular SeasonPlayoffsPlayoffs
Games (G)2873011845
Games started (GS)2862991845
Pass Completions (COMP)7,1426,7784811,106
Attempted overcome (ATT)10,55110,5897211,764
Completion portion (PCT)67.76466.762.7
Passing Yards (YDS)80,35879,2045,36612,449
Average Yards per video game (AVG)
Longest happen Play (LNG)98998873
Touchdowns (TD)5715813783

Brees Vs Brady at sight Bowls

Drew has won only one Super key in his career, Super bowl XLIV in 2010, whereby he led the Saints to a 31-17 victory versus the Colts in their an initial league championship. That was title Super bowl MVP and also Sport Illustrated Sportsman the the Year and AP masculine Athlete that the year because that his performance - 32 happen completions, 288 throw yards and also 2 touchdowns. 

With the highest possible Super bowl wins and also appearances of any type of player in organization history, Tom Brady has actually won 7 at sight Bowls the end of the 10 he showed up in as well as 5 Super key MVPs. He holds 14 Super bowl records, including most supervisor Bowl happen attempts (421), pass completions (277), touchdown apsses (21), pass yards (3,039), happen attempts in a solitary Super bowl (62), happen completions in a single Super key (43) to surname a few. 

He is additionally the oldest player to have actually played in and won a supervisor Bowl.

Drew BreesTom Brady
Super key Appearances1 (2010)10 (2002, 2004-2005, 2008, 2012, 2015, 2017-2019, 2021

Brees Vs Brady Records

Brees holds number of NFL records, including highest possible single-season and single-game perfect percentage, many pass completions in a season, many career happen completions, most career passing yards, many touchdown passes in a game and also most consecutive games with a touchdown pass.

On the various other hand Brady’s list of records is much longer, both in the continuous season and also the postseason. Some that his NFL records are finest touchdown come interception proportion in a season (28:2), most career touchdown passes, many career postseason pass yards and also most fourth quarter comebacks (48).

Brees vs. Brady head-to-head 

Drew Brees presides end Brady with a 3-2 command in their head come head matches. However, Tom Brady has been amping the up and has beat the Saints twice in the 2020 season, adhered to by an additional win because that Brady in 2021 through the Buccaneers.

Drew Brees vs Tom Brady Matchups

Both quarterbacks have actually been difficult competition because that each other, striving come one-up the record in your favor. The quarterbacks have confronted off eight times. 

Since their first match against each various other in 2002, Brees has had actually the top hand, having actually won 6 that the 8 matches versus Brady.

In 2002, Brees’ mountain Diego Chargers beat the Patriots 21-14 and also 41-17 in 2005.

After signing with the Saints, Brees ongoing his win streak versus Brady, win 38-17 in 2009. 

Brady’s luck lastly shone, but not for long - the Patriots defeated the Saints with a nearby score that 30-27 in 2013 and then again in 2017, Tom led the Patriots to a 36-20 win versus Brees.

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In 2020, Brees take it the reins native Brady, beat the Patriots twice v a score that 34-23 and also 38-3. 

Previous season’s tough loss jolted Tom Brady into activity and he led his team, now the Buccaneers, to a 30-20 victory over Brees in the latter’s last match of his career.