The "Santa Clarita Diet" star opened up about her adventures in dieting, agree herself together she is and also not agree unsolicited comments from others.

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If you ever feel like you can"t live approximately the picture-perfect bodies you check out on TV, take it heart!

Even actress attracted Barrymore feeling that way in in between seasons the her very own hit series.

The "Santa Clarita Diet" star opened up about her adventures in dieting, accepting herself together she is and also not accepting unsolicited comment from others during a Wednesday visit to "The late Late Show."

For Barrymore, dieting is miscellaneous she reserves because that filming — and also not precisely something she enjoys.

"Let’s challenge it, I hate it,” she said. "I would much rather eat fettuccine Alfredo prefer all job long."

While that creamy, carb-rich combo sounds like dream diet, it"s no the one she goes on when it"s time to gain in form for a new season.

"When i’m doing the show, ns a vegan and also I right eat anything," she told organize James Corden. "I job-related out almost every day, and also it’s for this reason healthy, it it s okay to be euphoric. And then it’s favor food poisoning — you feel prefer you’ll never eat again. But before you know it, you pigging out with the feed bag strapped to your face."

And she didn"t to speak that choose it"s a bad thing. The fact is Barrymore unapologetically appreciates indulging.

"I’m a foodie and also love food, and also I travel the people for food," she put it plainly. "So I obtain heavy again between the show.”

She lets herself have actually a good time through it too, together she did during a current restaurant outing through a few friends and fellow moms. At the very least it was an excellent until Barrymore, who has two daughters — Olive, 5, and Frankie, 3 — through ex-husband will Kopelman, exited the facility with her friends" youngsters in tow.

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That"s as soon as a woman approached her.

"She’s like, "God, you have so many kids," and I walk "Well, not all of them room mine. Ns just have two,"" she recalled the exchange. "And she like, "Well, and also you’re expecting, obviously.""


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"I simply looked at her and go "No, I’m just fat right now,"" Barrymore shot earlier bluntly. "I walked the end of the restaurant, and also I"m not gonna lie, ns was like, "Oh man, that is rough.""