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LOS ANGELES - American gibbs Adam Sandler is up for making one more movie with regular co-star drew Barrymore.

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The duo, both 45, have starred with each other in hit films The Wedding Singer (1998), 50 first Dates (2004) and also Blended (2014).

When inquiry if he would certainly be open up to the idea that filming another movie v Barrymore in one interview v Entertainment tonight (ET), Sandler said, "of course."

"Any time attracted wants to, she"s obtained to phone call me and also then I"ll do it," the said. "But currently she"s busy v that show... I love she on the show."

Barrymore is helming a new talk show, The drew Barrymore Show, for which Sandler already helped recreate a scene from 50 first Dates during the premiere in mid September.

Sandler to be all prayer for Barrymore"s capability to attract out the finest in she guests.

"(She) simply knows just how to talk to you do you say, "Hmmm, possibly I"ll discuss this with you." I constantly open up when I talk to Drew. She"s walk to perform that through the totality world."

"She"s cool, solid together rock, just like she is in real life," that added.

Sandler will next be seen in upcoming Netflix comedy film Hubie Halloween alongside modern Family actress, Julie Bowen.

They starred with each other in an additional Sandler hit flick, Happy Gilmore, back in 1996.

"It was just nice to be v her again," the told ET. "Back in Happy Gilmore, we were both like, "Oh my God, we"re do a movie, this is insane." ns think through this one us were able to do the movie and additionally talk around other stuff."

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