It"s difficult to rotate on HGTV without see Jonathan and Drew Scott. The twins might be known for your hit show, Property Brothers, which has spawned all kinds the spin-offs: Brother Vs. Brother, building Brothers in ~ Home, Brothers take it On brand-new Orleans, plus another coming in May simply to surname a few. However that"s only the beginning of your empire.

The two have actually such a cult complying with they introduced a 13-city tour, share stories around their lives in front of hundreds of fans, have written two hit books (plus a children"s book), released their own style platform Casaza, and also are also getting their very own sitcom on Fox...the list is yes, really endless.

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Naturally, you might be wondering...

How room Drew and also Jonathan Scott worth $20 Million?!

A huge part of the likely originates from the businesses the aren"t together flashy. The Scotts" home furnishing line, Scott Living, damaged a half-billion dollars in sales in 2018, Entrepreneur reported. Climate there"s Dream houses by Scott Living, which focuses on building and selling one-of-a-kind luxury homes—the crucial word gift "luxury."

"At least once a week I have a significant athlete or CEO native a fortune 500 agency reaching out and also saying that they want united state to design a home," Jonathan called Forbes. Those projects are the contrary of your hit TV shows, where often, the only limit is their own imagination, not budget. "If somebody desires a helipad, a 20-car garage, or a million-dollar theater room — that’s the sort of stuff we do. Nothing is off-limits."

So is your earning potential, the seems.

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