Teenagers space disguising themselves together elderly grandmas in coronavirus confront masks as a means to buy alcohol without showing ID.

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That’s what Gen Z has found as they’ve to update the fake ID for the COVID-19 era, hitting up liquor stores dressed as elderly grandmas wearing coronavirus challenge masks.

The “prank” has taken society media platform tik by storm, through videos of users bedecked together boozehound nannas – seemingly victorious, party in hand – racking up countless views.

“PSA: use ur fakes as lot as possible bc if girlfriend wear a mask castle can’t see ur whole challenge lol,” one adolescent posted to she under-legal-age brethren.

“Now that we need to wear masks, this is the finest time to buy alcohol with a fake ID because the early on ’80s,” stand-up gendergeek.orgedian Jason Lawhead post on Twitter.

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One teen’s disguise consisted of a walking frame.

“I hope numerous teens space out there illegally purchase alcohol with confront masks on, confidently not looking in ~ all prefer their fake ID,” created

A small artistry deserve to go a lengthy way. One TikTok video clip with over 1.5 million views depicts a blond girl obtaining wrinkles drawn on v makeup. The video clip then shows her utilizing a walking structure in a auto park, clutching a party of pink liquid, put on a baggy jumper, wire-rimmed glasses and a babushka headscarf.

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In the gendergeek.orgments, the poster claimed the “prank” took location in California. She “tried to speak as little as possible” however she was “a tiny croaky,” she said. The “old lady” was reportedly not inquiry to show ID, and also according to a caption by the poster, the keep owner “was worried she wouldn’t b(e) able to lug (the bottles) here (my)self.”

One video with over 2 million see shows another young mrs in a grey wig, glasses and also an old-person Halloween costume mask. Through her surgical mask and gloves on, she seems to it is in an innocent octogenarian. The clip reflects her returning v alcohol in tow, dancing with her friends when she rips off her mask.


This young human being scored a party of red.

Two million world so much have watched another video of a brunette in a headscarf and also costume jewellery walk into a wine shop and later twerk top top the next of the road holding party of wine.

Yet one more sojourn look at a blonde acgendergeek.orgpanying she “grandmother” – a girlfriend dressed up together a granny put on a mask and also gloves – with a convenience store.

“Oh, my God, that worked!” the poster claims as the duo go back to the automobile arm in arm moving a handle of vodka.

“It’s also good, guys,” she said.

This write-up originally appeared on the brand-new York Post and has been reproduced through permission

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