Despite being closer come tall than petite ~ above the elevation spectrum, I’m always on the lookout for visual tips and also tricks the will offer me the illustration of looking taller, or at very least, offset my proportions. I’m 5’8” or 172cm tall, and also carry an ext of my height in my torso, and also over the years, I’ver learned a thing or two about how come flatter my body type, which have actually the included bonus of do me watch taller and slimmer.

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So to note the second part of my series on advice to look taller over on my YT channel, I wanted to consolidate all of those advice in the one place for easy reference. I didn’t quite have actually the foresight to do this once filming component one that the series, however I do have actually some before and after examples for a number of these advice so you can visually see how these straightforward styling tricks will certainly truly enhance how tall you appear.

Wear monochrome

I think we probably have actually Kim Kardashian to thank for this trend, however it’s actually a fantastic trick come visually include inches to her height. Put on the same colour scheme – without too much contrast – creates a column, geometrically speaking, which enhances your height. As well as looking chic, the also really flattering top top petites, and is one of the simplest tricks come look higher (and slimmer too!).

Pointed toe shoes

A great podiatrist would more than likely wince at this tip, however a pointed toe shoe is among my favourite methods to lengthen mine legs. It makes your feet and also therefore your legs look much longer as that draws the end downwards, and also is an instant height-enhancer.



Tuck in your tops

As a kid, ns couldn’t think of noþeles worse 보다 tucking in mine tops. It was too… uptight or buttoned up. These days, I’m all for it. One untucked top will lengthen her torso, and also have the effect of shortening your legs through proxy. If girlfriend tucked that in (especially when linked with a mid come high rise), you’ll specify your waist and make your legs look longer.

Avoid loose dresses

This isn’t for you tall girls out there – I recognize I can obtain away through a loose dress – but if she petite, it deserve to swamp your frame and make you look smaller. Sheath costume or formats that present off your waist and also frame room much far better suited if you’re trying come look taller, together they’ll specify your figure and also stretch her silhouette upwards.

Balanced proportions

This guideline carries on from the ahead one, yet it’s to protect against anything too oversized and also manage her proportions through carefully selected styling options. This is an essential to looking stylish and also pulled together every day (in mine opinion). I choose to either opt for something loosened on top and also fitted top top bottom, or vice versa. Once it concerns oversized pieces, over there really have the right to be too much of a an excellent thing.

Vertical stripes

I love a an excellent breton as lot as the next girl, however visually if you desire to enhance your height and also look taller, they aren’t the finest choice. A horizontal stripe will certainly make girlfriend look shorter and wider, whereas a vertical stripe will lengthen your body, do you watch leaner and taller.

Carry a tiny bag

Big bags don’t seem to be fairly in vogue as lot now together they offered to be, which is probably a an excellent thing if you a petite. A big bag will just accentuate how small you are. Opt because that a little or tool sized bag which will certainly be much more in proportion v your frame. It’ll be balanced, and make girlfriend visually show up like you have a little bit of extr height.



Wear cropped tops

This is a really great trick to counter your proportions, particularly if you have a shorter torso. It provides the illusion the your herbal waist sits a little higher than that does, specifically when linked with high waisted trousers or a skirt. This renders your legs look longer, which consequently is a great aid in making you watch taller. You can even show a slither of skin to differentiate between your upper and also lower body, i m sorry can also lend itself fine to balancing out your proportions.

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Avoid broad belts

A large belt is a great fashion statement, yet if you petite, it have the right to exaggerate how little you actually are (and also make girlfriend look wider!). Our waist often tends to be the narrowest part of ours frame, and a large belt glosses over that detail, producing a huge line which have the right to stretch her body horizontally.

Keep prints in proportion

I tend to favour classic or timeless prints, just as ns think lock look an ext high end and also elevate your outfit, but it deserve to actually beat a duty in visually improving your height, too. Store prints in range with your framework – if lock large, they’ll make you watch small, conversely, if castle smaller, they’ll do you look at taller.

Crop your jackets

Especially if you’re very petite, a lengthy or voluminous jacket can have the result of visually shortening her legs. Opt for something cropped – it’ll it is in much more in proportion to her frame, the raises the eye up, creates an interpretation at your organic waist and adds balance. If you do want come opt for a much longer jacket and also still want to look tall, walk for something that is lengthy in length and has a great drape to it. It do not do it be also bulky, as the motion will make it look much more fluid and also like it was created you.

Wear a mini skirt

I often tend to dress a small on the conservative side, but a great mini skirt have the right to do wonders for your ‘visual’ height. Other that cuts off about four to 5 inches over the knee will make her legs look longer (seriously #legsfordays). I prefer to opt for a high waisted style as I uncover that helps to add to the illusion.

Match trousers through shoes

Similar to the monochromatic outfit trick, this expand the visual heat of her trousers, illustration the eye downwards and making her legs show up longer. Opt because that a pointed toe to improve the effect.

Wear naked shoes

Nude shoes are a wardrobe classic for great reason – they’re simple to pair v your outfits, yet they’re likewise tremendously flattering. Opt for something nearby to your skin tone, together it’ll mix in and also make those legs look they walk on forever.

Mid or high-rise denim

With a lengthy torso, i can’t carry out low increase anything – that unflattering and highlights the disparity of my proportions. A mid or high climb jean is a staple in my wardrobe and also for great reason, in addition to balancing out my frame, it additionally raises the intuitive appearance of where your waist sits. Together our legs begin from just below the waist, this has a flattering leg-lengthening effect.

Wear high-waisted styles

Carrying top top from mine previous tip, shot and prioritise put on high-waisted styles, especially when wearing a much longer hemline. An especially when you’ve thrown top top a skirt, this raises your natural waist, and the beginning point of her legs visually, making you look taller.

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Crop her trousers

I use this trick all the time once shopping because that my closet – a cropped trouser will certainly be your finest friend. Put on trousers the are cut a little above the ankle will certainly make it show up like you are too tall because that the trousers. It will instantly include inches to your height.

Find a an excellent tailor

And my final tip; find a good tailor. Ill-fitting clothing can swamp you, skew your proportions, or simply look unflattering. Getting things tailored – bring away in here, a hemline raised there – can make every the difference, and make her wardrobe look like it to be made for you. It’s not a straight tip to making girlfriend look taller and slimmer, yet in my suffer it’s had the added bonus the both!