Larissa Leon, 17, twirls her ranchero dress, a timeless Mexican dress designed because that Folklorico dancers, the is totally made out of duct ice Monday, June 28, 2021, at her house in Sunnyside, Wash. Leon designed and also created a dress, shoes, headpiece, earrings, and purse entirely out that duct tape because that the #StuckatProm Duct ice Scholarship Challenge.

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Maria Perez, left, tapes her 17-year-old daughter, Larissa, Leon, into a ranchero dress, a traditional Mexican dress designed for Folklorico dancers, that is completely made the end of duct tape Monday, June 28, 2021, at their residence in Sunnyside, Wash.

Larissa Leon, 17, poses because that a portrait in her ranchero dress, a traditional Mexican dress designed for Folklorico dancers, the is entirely made the end of duct tape Monday, June 28, 2021, in ~ her residence in Sunnyside, Wash.

Larissa Leon, 17, showcases she flower themed headpiece and earrings that are entirely made out of duct tape Monday, June 28, 2021, at her residence in Sunnyside, Wash.

Duct tape can be provided for much more than simply fixing things. Because that artists like Larissa Leon, duct tape opens up a human being of possibilities for fashion and design.

As component of the Duck Brand prom dress scholarship contest, Leon offered 47 roll of duct tape to develop a colorful folklorico flower gown, inspired by she Mexican culture. Folklorico dancing stems indigenous both Indigenous and also Spanish practices and also traditionally functions wide-skirt dresses v bright fancy ribbons and lace.

Leon started working ~ above the dress a month or two ago, she said, however she did bulk of the work in the previous month, together she make lace and also flower details. Overall, she invested 163 hours on the project.

Five finalists room expected to it is in announced this week because that the “Stuck in ~ Prom” scholarship. Then public voting will open, through a winner announced ~ above July 21. The grand prize winner the the dress classification will success $10,000, with a runner-up prize of $500. There’s additionally a contest for tuxedo designs.

“I knew I wanted to do something yes, really extravagant and really colorful. I additionally wanted to pay homage to my culture, so i designed a dress in the Folkloric style,” Leon said. “Those dresses have always stood the end to me because they are so colorful and so poofy and huge. Through a dance that comes together with the dresses, it’s therefore fascinating.”

Leon grew up the town hall Folkloric dancing in ~ the yearly Sunnyside Cinco de mei celebration. She learned the dance style when she was 5 years old and has been captivated by it ever since.

“I do the efforts to make the dress similar to those dresses, however with mine own distinctive spin,” she said. “I likewise tried to make it as movable as I could, which that does perform the dance, however it’s an extremely heavy therefore it’s not as nice as it would be with a fabric dress.”

Leon said she would think about wearing the dress to her an elderly prom next year, however it’s a hefty material that can obtain sweaty if worn for lengthy periods that time.

The duct ice cream prom dress was no her first an imaginative project. Farming up, Leon spent hrs in her bedroom make wallets, roses, figurines and also a backpack the end of duct tape.

“She was constantly a crafty girl,” claimed Maria Perez, Leon’s mother. “Instead that going come the toy section, she would always tell she dad to take her to the craft section. And one work she comes house with a bunch the duct tape and I was like, ‘what space you going to do?’”

One the her tasks was a mermaid tail make of duct tape the she would usage to swim. Her mom acquired so exhausted of delivering the mermaid tail everywhere and drying it the end after Leon swam v it that she had actually to hide that from she daughter, Perez claimed with a laugh.

Leon enjoys design and also fashion and also spends a most time sewing and crocheting. She takes ceramic classes in high college where she makes sculptures.

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She will be graduating from Sunnyside High institution in 2022 through an associate in arts level from Yakima sink College’s Running start program. She operated on the dress at the very same time she was taking final exams for Yakima sink College.

“Ever due to the fact that I to be little, i’ve loved medicine and I love the dermatology field so that’s the main field I really want to strive towards,” she said. “I could constantly minor in something creative and that would be remarkable if i’m not as well busy in the clinical school.”