Given her eight year at the White House, the was little surprise that Michelle Obama knew exactly how to dress for the occasion.

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Continuing she long legacy of championing emerging labels and young black color designers, the former first lady wowed at Wednesday"s inauguration in a head-to-toe plum and also burgundy ensemble by LA-based Sergio Hudson.
The outfit comprised a turtleneck sweater and wide-legged bootcut pants, with a structured coat helping her strike the balance between understated elegance and power dressing.

Barack and also Michelle Obama arrive for the inauguration of Joe Biden together the 46th united state President. Credit: Jonathan Ernst/Pool/AFP/Getty Images
She perfect the look v a black face mask and one of Hudson"s signature handmade animal leather belts, fastened through a one brushed brass buckle. Hair was, of course, in a matching purple shade, though black and also leopard print versions sleeve on the designer"s website because that $295 and also $325 respectively.

The outfit -- and Obama"s wavy, voluminous hair -- generated far-reaching buzz on society media as she arrived at the inauguration through husband and 44th president, Barack Obama. "I am shedding IT over how an excellent Michelle Obama looks!" tweeted writer and podcast hold Tracy Clayton.
Author Roxane Gay at the same time wrote: "Hi. I"m Michelle Obama. Yes. Ns am flawless with my hair to adjust right and my plum ensemble. Say thanks to you."

Barack and Michelle Obama arrive in the crypt the the united state Capitol. Credit: Jim Lo Scalzo/Pool/Getty Images
It was a huge day for Hudson, that reportedly additionally designed the pair of heels worn by Vice president Kamala Harris (she paired them through an outfit by another young black designer, Christopher john Rogers).
Hailing from southern Carolina, Hudson launched his eponymous ready-to-wear label in 2014. The brand explains its aesthetic together "immaculate tailoring and also infusions the androgyny paired v overtly sexy silhouettes."

This isn"t the an initial time Obama has worn Hudson and supported his brand. At 2019"s essence Festival in brand-new Orleans, she showed up in a sparkling jumpsuit with one of his signature belts -- this time in navy.

Michelle Obama put on Sergio Hudson at the 2019 essence Festival. Credit: Erika Goldring/Getty Images

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The designer is however to talk about the inauguration via society media, though he took to Instagram earlier this week to great Obama a happy birthday. He posted a picture of her wearing a tradition purple pantsuit by the designer, which she had actually worn on her ending up being book tour, together a caption describing her together "my forever FLOTUS."