Many that you understand that your desires during pregnant can get a tiny wacky. I forgot around this side result of pregnancy till I ended up being pregnant because that the 2nd time and starting having some really weird dreams – prefer “a huge spider turns into the kidnapper from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and also tries to end up being my best friend” weird.

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I know that hearing about other people’s dreams is not the most interesting thing. I, for one, have been well-known to sigh and also roll my eye when world ask me if I desire to hear about their dreams from the night before. That said, you’ve got come hear about my dreams! i am persuaded that my pregnancy dreams have guess the sex of mine babies.

When ns was pregnant through my very first child, i had really vivid dreams. And also in every one of them the baby i was delivering was a boy.


Dream #1: We found out the baby was a boy during the ultrasound. He smiled at united state and, surprisingly, had a complete mouth of braces.

Dream #2: I purchase a bunch that girl clothes before the baby was born. Cut to a year later, my husband is fussing in ~ me because that dressing our boy in all of the girl clothes.

Dream #3: What we assumed was a third leg was actually an abnormally large baby penis. The medical professional marveled at its size.

The verdict? when my husband and also I went for the anatomy scan, i felt in my love of hearts that i was carrying a boy. Before the ultrasound tech even announced the sex, i said, “It’s a boy, right?” i honestly felt like my dreams were mine subconscious telling me what come expect. My dreams were right. I ceded a little boy in 2013.

Second pregnancy Dreaming

I am now in the third trimester with my second child. I didn’t dream around the sex that this baby until late right into the first trimester.

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Dream #1: I was at the hospital wade up and down the hall v my husband a work after providing birth. We were discussing names because that the baby. Castle were all girl names. As soon as we come at the nursery to look at our baby, us picked increase a beautiful baby girl who smiled up in ~ us with the many jacked up collection of teeth we’d ever before seen. Climate we began wondering if there was such a thing as orthodontists for babies. (What is it with my “babies v braces” dreams???)

Dream #2: In my second dream, i was shopping with my daughter, who just happened to it is in Madeline native the children’s book series. 


So, go my dreams predict the sex the the infant the 2nd time? yes! A blood test and an ultrasound evidenced that we are expecting a infant girl this fall! 

Just one more Old Wives’ Tale?

Maybe this is just a bunch that hogwash. Maybe it is just a coincidence that my desires were accurate. Or possibly the tiny babies growing inside of me were telling me something. All I know is the if I gain pregnant a third time and my desires once again guess the sex the the baby, I will certainly be convinced that it is a scientific fact that your dream can predict whether you are having a boy or a girl. And you will certainly not be able to persuade me otherwise.

What around you? Did your pregnancy dreams accurately guess the sex of her child?

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