Whether you love weapons or dislike them, guns are without doubt a powerful symbol. Your gun dream, like guns in waking life, may ask you come look at exactly how you and also others in her life usage the power obtainable to you: perform you usage it to protect yourself, or execute you use it to harm people?

Gun Dream Summary

Gun Dream Symbolism

Guns are occasionally referred to together the great equalizer since they deserve to be just as lethal in the hands of a small, weak person as in the hands of a big, strong human. This deserve to dissuade big, solid humans indigenous oppressing small, weak humans. In this sense, a gun dream meaning could be about your capacity to safeguard yourself.

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Guns, however, are controversial since they can be provided to kill people. Furthermore, some people use the power of weapons to start aggression rather than to defend themselves. The symbolism connected with predator pets like wolves and assault dogs may therefore be appropriate to understanding your total dream symbol, as humans who use weapons grapple with many of the same ethical challenges.

Common total Dreams

Dream of a gunshotDream of to buy a gunDream of hiding a gunDream that a gunfightDream the a gun the won’t shootDream that a gun pointed in ~ youDream of shooting someone v a gun

Gun Dream Symbolism


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Like a knife dream, Dreaming the a gun might symbolize the you have actually the capacity to safeguard yourself from risks to your security that you would certainly not be able to fend off v your body alone. This may refer come a waking life instance involving a gun, or it might refer to a waking life case where some other method of security is much more relevant.


Guns give humans the power to do things they can not v their bodies alone, and some people use this strength to harm others. Dreaming that a total could because of this symbolize the you feeling entitled come transcend the limits of society and take what you want by force.

Gender Issues

Protection – in the feeling of physically warding off threats – and aggression are both characteristics often linked with mrs archetypes. This weapon, because of your shape, deserve to be assumed of together phallic symbols, adding another way they are linked with masculinity.

Modern technology, however, has actually made gender worries more facility than they offered to be, and guns are part of that as well. Because that example, part women adopt the idea of guns being the good equalizer, and they feeling safer as soon as they carry and know how to use guns to protect themselves from larger men who could physically assault them.

Common gun Dreams

Dream that a gunshot


If you dream of hear a gunshot, and there is no a context of violence or aggression, your gunshot dream an interpretation could refer to the usage of a starting pistol to begin a running or swim race. The Pink Floyd song “Time,” which generally talks around how world tend to waste time in your lives, refers to this: “No one said you as soon as to run, girlfriend missed the beginning gun.”

Dreaming of a gunshot could because of this symbolize urgency to relocate forward on some course the action. If you have been waiting for the best time to perform something, this is it.

Dream of to buy a gun


The dream an interpretation of to buy a gun counts on what the act would mean to you in your everyday life. As always, your desires are make the efforts to connect with girlfriend in a language that you personally understand.

If you consistently buy firearms for recreational activities like hunting or target shooting and you have a great feeling buying and using a gun, her dream of purchase a new gun might symbolize obtaining a boost in your pursuit of success. In together a context, your shotgun dream would usually have confident meaning, as it would describe you act something that you feel great about.

If purchase a gun is no something girlfriend would usually do in her waking life, your dream of buying a gun could symbolize that you feel you have to take a more active function in planning for your own safety 보다 you normally do. The provocation for this could be a instance where you fear that your safety is threatened, and you sense that friend cannot depend on rather to aid you.

Dream of hiding a gun


If friend dream the hiding a gun the belongs to you (at the very least in the paper definition of the dream), this might symbolize that you feel you must conceal your volume for aggression from others in your life. Everyone you room concerned around would be an ext likely to attack you if you seemed like a threat, so her safest ideal is to show up passive and compliant.

If girlfriend dream of hiding who else’s gun, the interpretation would count on why you to be hiding it. If you were hiding the pistol to avoid them from attacking you or others, this would imply that friend feel choose someone in your life is no a for sure person.

If you to be hiding who else’s gun to help them have access to it later, this can refer to a instance where who in your life trusts you and also shows girlfriend a side of themselves that they don’t necessarily show to everyone.

Dream the a gunfight


Dreams about a gunfight or gun fight are plainly symbolic of conflict in your life, also if you and whoever rather is involved are no able to express the dispute that open minded in waking life. A dream through this level of hostility is actually much more likely if you feeling blocked indigenous addressing the conflict in waking life.

Maybe you space afraid to begin an open discussion with whoever you have actually the conflict with due to the fact that you think the would finish in violence or at the very least unpleasantness. The gunfight dream definition could be the you feel like there is no room because that both political parties of the problem to coexist and also that one must damage the various other in order to relocate forward.

Dream of a gun the won’t shoot


Dreaming that a gun the won’t shoot deserve to symbolize that you feeling blocked in taking action in your life. You may feel the others space bullying or oppressing girlfriend so that you cannot assert yourself.

A gun have the right to in some situations be a phallic symbol, therefore a dream that a gun the won’t shoot can refer to a instance where friend or your companion struggles with sex-related performance. ~ above the other hand, if you room trying to stop pregnancy, “shooting blanks” can be what girlfriend want.

On the topic of sex and fertility, if your gun dream emphasizes bullets or the lack thereof, the bullet dream an interpretation could have to do with sperm. This can be relevant whether you and your companion are trying to avoid pregnancy or do the efforts to come to be pregnant.

Dream that a total pointed at you


The dream translate of a pistol pointed in ~ you relies on what led up to it in the dream. Was the person with the total initiating unprovoked aggression against you, or were they acting in self-defense because you threatened them?

If the person with the gun to be engaging in self-defense, you could need to look at just how you room treating others. Maybe the dream is a warning that you have crossed someone’s boundaries.

A dream of who chasing you through a gun, however, would an ext likely be a dream of someone initiating aggression and also danger versus you. If the is someone well-known to you, you could feel the they are hostile towards you and also trying to cause trouble because that you, even if they carry out not carry out it so openly in waking life.

The dream an interpretation of a gunman unknown come you pointing a gun at you, however, would be the you feel the world, in general, is a hostile, threatening place.

Dream of shooting someone through a gun


If girlfriend dream of shoot someone through a gun, the interpretation relies on even if it is you did that in self-defense or together an act of aggression. Either way, if the person you shooting in your dream dies, that may also be relevant to look at death dream symbolism.

If you dream of shooting who in self-defense, and also this succeeds in stopping everything they to be doing to harm you in the dream, this might symbolize that you have the capability to protect yourself from dangers in her waking life.

If friend dream of shooting someone together an plot of aggression, this might symbolize the you have some negative emotions favor a wave of covert anger that you battle to express.


Gun ownership have the right to be a really controversial problem in politics, together it pits the best of world to defend themselves versus the best of world to go about their service without obtaining shot. The variety of possible meanings that a total dream traction from both ends of this conflict.

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Your dream the a pistol will absolutely be educated by your previous experience through guns. It may also, however, challenge your existing see of weapons – no issue what her existing see of firearms may be.