photo By Olha Vandergriff | Clockwise from left, seated: Maj. Colin Curry, Spc. Dylan Roselles, Maj. Brian Casey,...... Read more read an ext

picture By Olha Vandergriff | Clockwise native left, seated: Maj. Colin Curry, Spc. Dylan Roselles, Maj. Brian Casey, 1st Sgt. Alicia Roethler, Sgt. Colton Smith, Sgt. 1st Class john Proulx, and also Pfc. Koleton Grimes, all Soldiers indigenous the 652nd local Support team out that Helena, Montana, pose through the Montana state flag April 6, 2020 top top “406” work in Powidz, Poland. The Montana Soldiers with the 652nd RSG space wrapping up a virtually year-long deployment to Poland by quarantining in ~ North ft Hood, Texas. (U.S. Army Reserve picture by Maj. Olha Vandergriff, 652nd local Support Group) see less | View image Page

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NORTH fort HOOD, TX, unified STATES


Story by grasp Sgt. Ryan Matson

652nd local Support team

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sitting in a long concrete barracks bay in ~ North ft Hood, Texas, the Soldiers the the 652nd local Support Group, in the middle of a two-week quarantine, have had actually a many time come think. The military Reserve unit from Helena, Montana, is in the last moments that a almost year-long deployment to Poland.Now, their days are filled with tasks like long phone conversations through loved ones together they speed the dried dirt path about their fenced-in quarantine barracks area. They talk, display up in formations to rotate in gear, have their temperatures read, wait because that the food van to drop off chow, play video games, clock movies, or job-related on details cleaning the barracks or serving food come their fellow Soldiers. They perform not speak to the Soldiers across the chain connect fence from them, due to the fact that they recognize this is not permitted. They space isolated indigenous everybody however the team they have been with all year long, counting down the last couple of days until they can ultimately see your family and friends.But only a mainly ago, they to be still in Poland.“Leaving Poland, prefer leaving anywhere, have the right to be difficult,” Sgt. Wynston Ryder, an intelligence analyst indigenous Bozeman, Montana, said. “And although that is good to be earlier on American soil, we can’t wait to leaving the warm to go back to our homes.”For several young Soldiers indigenous Montana, choose Spc. Emory Faber, a military police officer indigenous Helena, Montana, the tourism in Poland was not only their very first military deployment, however their first time the end of the United claims as well.“Being may be to see all the history there was amazing,” Faber, 20, the youngest member of the 652nd RSG, said.“Some of the buildings on the base i was at in Poznan still had actually bullet holes from people War II in them. It was pretty cool to be there. We uncovered some old photos of as soon as the polish were utilizing the same structure that us were in. The background was certainly the best part for me.”The 652nd RSG’s mission was to regulate the everyday base to work of 11 base camps transparent the country of Poland. Their deployment come Poland was significant because it marked the very first time a U.S. Army Reserve unit to be tasked v conducting this mission. Five of the basic camps are situated in the Zagan cluster in west Poland – in Zagan, Trzebien, Swietoszow, Boleslawiec, and also Karliki. The other six basic camps are located at Skwierzyna and Drawsko Pomorskie cultivate Area, additionally in west Poland, Poznan, Powidz, Torun and also Bemowo Piskie cultivate Area, a NATO base camp in east Poland.After the 652nd come in so late September, the Soldiers of the unit separated right into mayor cells responsible because that overseeing the day-to-day operations giving life-sustaining solutions to Soldiers. These solutions ranged from allocating room and tent space to tenant devices on the baser camps, handling everyday maintain issues, setting up moral welfare and recreation areas for the Soldiers, and also overseeing the builders who detailed services such as operation the to wash or dining facilities, and also those working to improve or expand the facilities of the base camps. “The main job is come make sure the males on the ground space taken care of,” staff Sgt. James Campbell, a it is provided sergeant from an excellent Falls, Montana, said. “It’s customer service, by far. A mayor, similar to in a huge city, runs the base, something from strength to utilities, transportation, food, plan projects. You have to care, and we had actually a an excellent set of world who cared around what they do.”The 652nd deployed through 84 Soldiers, including a employee of around 30 Soldiers at the headquarters in Powidz, v the other about 50 spread out throughout the various other 10 basic camps. Maj. Gustavo Brown, the 652nd RSG’s future work officer, stated the little teams that Soldiers invested the year managing base camps holding a full of in between 8,000 and also 12,000 U.S. Soldiers throughout Poland, from systems such as second Squadron, 1st Cavalry Regiment, 3rd Battalion, 16th ar Artillery Regiment and 1st Infantry Division. The largest number, around 12,000, came in February and also March timeframe, Brown said, as army Europe and its allies was gearing up because that Defender 20. Had actually the exercise not been considerably downsized as result of the COVID-19 pandemic, these numbers would have actually been also higher.Col. Erica Herzog, offer on she sixth abroad tour, commanded the 652nd RSG transparent the mission. She said setting the standard for basic operations by a RSG to be the greatest achievement of the unit throughout their ten months in Poland.“The solitary greatest accomplishment for the 652 RSG was operationalizing the top quality of life mission for Poland; a first in east Europe,” Herzog said.“The 11 front Operating site (FOS) teams developed a standardized method for providing constant billeting, shower/latrines, laundry, dining facilities, and also recreation support and also services to over 15,000 Soldiers in Poland.”“The 652nd departed theater understanding we set and achieved a high standard of living for American troops. The intense work-related ethic, dedication, and also commitment each and also every Soldier carried to this mission improved not just the base infrastructure approximately Poland, however the skilled relationships with our allies that strengthened our solve to lug the very best of ourselves to achieve this once-in-a-lifetime mission."During the transport of government ceremony July 8 at the Powidz Air base in Powidz, Poland, Herzog spoke around many that the 652nd’s achievements throughout the deployment.“You tackled and achieved all three of Lt. Gen. Cavoli’s (commanding general of U.S. Army Europe) optimal three priorities for Poland,” Herzog told her Soldiers. “Soldiers are eating better, resting better, and driving top top compacted roadways and also motor pools many thanks to you!”She said amongst the unit’s long list of achievements were creating 17 standardized procedures for locations such together billeting, crucial control and hazardous product removal. The unit also worked through the Polish federal government to filter the base access procedure and to improve lighting and also security at each base camp. The unit procured over 2,600 wall lockers, 2,700 mattresses and also 25,000 bed slats to straight improve Soldier top quality of life.Campbell claimed the toughest parts of the year, beyond some Soldiers learning just how to run a mayor cell, were the teams handling units promptly clearing out of country when the COVID-19 pandemic struck. They additionally needed come acquire additional cleaning supplies to do deep clean sessions come ensure the safety of Soldiers on the base camp during the pandemic.The Soldiers operated hard to bring the ideal base support possible to American Soldiers stationed there, but additionally got to experience Polish culture. One Soldier that really gained the opportunity to endure true Polish culture was Sgt. Milton Candelaria, Jr., a human being resources noncommissioned officer indigenous Broadview, Montana.“I constructed a good relationship native the really beginning v my interpreter Alex,” Candelaria said. “I want to find out Polish and also he was excited to teach me. He additionally spoke Spanish, so we would joke around and invent our very own funny words combine Polish and also Spanish mixed together. We developed a very solid bond.”The bond caused Candelaria being invited over to Alex’s sisters house for dinner on brand-new Year’s, because that a full day of exceptional Polish food, including bigos. It to be a work in which he claimed he picked up on countless Polish customs.“I noticed how genuine people were once I obtained here,” Candelaria said. “They wanted united state to feel an excellent there. Ns love Poland, the awesome.”Candelaria also won a polish language dispute hosted by 652nd Command Sgt. Maj. Duane Hedrick, having learned end 200 words. That said as soon as it was time come leave, it was a very emotional time for both he and also the civilization he obtained to recognize there.“There were a most tears,” that said.

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“One the the cooks was yes, really emotional, because we were the first rotation the took the moment to speak to them, fairly than just treat them as someone law a job.”The relationships the Soldiers the the 652nd built with their Polish counterparts was so strong that countless Soldiers arrangement to return with their family members for a trip, with number of having currently purchased tickets, for whenever the job comes the they can lastly use them.“I developed lifetime friendships with human being in Poland,” Campbell said. “They’re family.”