Need some fitspo? Well, watch no further! Celebrities including Adele, Rob Kardashian, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino and Rebel Wilson have devoted time and also effort to lose weight. Needless to say, the tough work has actually paid off because these stars are feeling an ext confident than ever.

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The “Hello” singer very first showed off her load loss when she attended Drake‘s date of birth party in October 2019. She make some lifestyle transforms after she separation from she ex Simon Konecki, which included eating healthier.


“When Adele to be married come Simon, she let herself go and lost confidence due to the fact that she felt therefore unglamorous,” an insider specifically told Life & format at the time. “That’s why she’d walk to excessive measures to protect against being photographed through paparazzi.”

Adele was determined to reach she goal. “She reduced out she beloved cup of tea — she was approximately 10 cup a day — i m sorry she supplied to drink with two spoonfuls that sugar,” a 2nd insider revealed come Life & Style. “Now, she all about drinking green juice, eat salads … she loves kale now.” as much as that point, she had lost 100 pounds.

Additionally, there are other stars who came to be inspired to lose weight since of their restricted environments, such as Jersey Shore star Mike Sorrentino and Real Housewives of new Jersey alum Joe Giudice. They to be both in prison once they changed their bods.


Mike got candid about what that did to burned the pounds throughout his eight-month prison sentence once he appeared on Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi‘s “It’s Happening with Snooki and also Joey” podcast in 2019.

“I feel fantastic,” the divulged. “I’ve shed 40 pounds in this process. I resolved twice a day. I did intermittent fasting 16 hrs for the weekdays, and I did 17 to 19 hrs on the weekend.”

While Mike didn’t have accessibility to a classic gym, that found an imaginative ways to execute cardio and also weight training. “I would carry out fasted cardio in ~ 7 a.m. And come back,” the said. “I would have actually my protein shake and some food and also go back for weights in ~ 12:30 p.m.”


Clearly, inspiration have the right to come from anywhere. Another means celebs have gotten inspired come transform your bodies is after offering birth. Just look in ~ Jessica Simpson, because that instance. She invited her third child, Birdie Mae, in in march 2019 and lost 100 pounds in six months. How did she perform it? It turns out, balance is key.

“Jessica’s secret is simple: constant workouts and section control,” a third resource explained come Life & Style. “Working out is really vital for Jess because she desires to be able to eat and enjoy life with her kids. She loves going the end for day nights v Eric <Johnson> and having cocktails, therefore she doesn’t favor to deprive it s her of that. The just around keeping it in moderation.” If these stars deserve to do it, everyone can!

Scroll with to see just how much weight her favorite celebs lost.


Julius Bjornsson

Julius Bjornsson gained fame play “The Mountain” in Game of Thrones. The 6’9” Icelander has actually dropped almost 100 pounds since the display wrapped and also is now fully ripped. The 2018 world Strongest man winner shed the load for one upcoming boxing match versus Devon Larratt. In December 2019, Julius load 423 pounds, and now, he’s under to 328 lbs and looks therefore fit and muscular in a new Instagram selfie.


Jonah Hill

“Modeling is emotionally complex,” Jonah captioned an April Instagram article featuring Zoë Kravitz. The longtime gibbs looked incredibly handsome — and fit! — in an all-black outfit.

Chloe Trautman

“One year later … when you quiet the negative thoughts and listen to what her true heart is telling you, certain nothing have the right to hold girlfriend back. I am so proud exactly how how much I’ve come physically yet I am even an ext proud of how much I’ve come emotionally, mentally and also spiritually,” the former Siesta Key star captioned a before and after photograph on march 10. “This has actually truly to be a year of transformation — and also I can not wait come share everything about my journey with every one of you. The good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful.”

Tekashi 6ix 9ine

After one Instagram hiatus, the controversial rapper took to the society media site on February 25, 2021, to disclose his fitness transformation.

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“The real reason ns LEFT Instagram and MUSIC for 6 month is because in September i was the greatest I ever got,” the wrote. “I weighed 204 pounds and I to be kinda going v a many in life and also I was just constantly eating and also eating … i told myself to placed the music to the side and also focus ~ above myself, and here i am this day 60 pounds lighter in ~ 140 … all THIS come SAY … IN LIFE everyone needs a break, in the chaos of everything that is walking on in your life, tell you yourself ‘I manage what happens in my life."”


French Montana

“They said I spray painted mine six fill on,” the rapper joked in a December 29 Instagram article showing turn off his outstanding physique. “I acquired catfished too countless times to catfish my civilization LOL. I just got to it! nothing beats tough work and always remember yes sir some world out there that don’t want you to it is in great.”

Kelly Osbourne

The daughter that Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne revealed a dramatic 85-pound load loss in august 2020.

Kelly “feels choose a brand-new person today,” a resource told Life & Style at the time. “After years of fad eating plans and also yo-yo dieting, she has finally realized what works for her. She’s adopted her vegan diet and also she incorporates weights into her exercise routine, which consists of a lot of walking.”