Rob Lederman performs at his club, Rob"s Comedy Playhouse in Amherst, top top February 2015.

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The owner of 97 Rock stated late Wednesday that it had actually fired "Morning Bull" hold Rob Lederman complying with an on-air exchange in i beg your pardon he compared toaster setups to the ton of black color women’s skin.

The conversation attracted swift condemnation and also led Roswell Park an extensive Cancer facility to publication its declaring with the station.

A statement from Cumulus Media late Wednesday claimed Lederman"s comments were in direct violation that the company"s programming principles and also that "the remainder of the show"s on-air talent" had been suspended. The various other two people affiliated in the conversation to be lead host Rich "Bull" Gaenzler and also co-host chris Klein.

Lederman, meanwhile, told The Buffalo News that he to be “horrified” through his native after the listened to a recording.

“I could easily see how someone could be offended by that. I gain that,” said Lederman, that added, “It sounds terrible, and it is terrible.”

In a 45-second audio clip shared on Twitter through Marcel Louis-Jacques, a Buffalo bills beat reporter for ESPN NFL Nation, the conversation appeared to at first be concentrated on the morning routine of do toast. Gaenzler provided how high the likes his toaster setting. Lederman adhered to up by saying, “I may gain into trouble for this,” and also then explained how he likens his toaster setups to women “I discover to be attractive.”

Lederman climate cited the name of two famed Black women, and at one suggest answered a inquiry from Klein around a 3rd woman. The only audible an answer from Gaenzler in the quick clip circulating on society media is a solitary word: “OK.”

Louis-Jacques tweeted the audio clip Wednesday afternoon, and within hours it had 100,000 plays and also hundreds the retweets and also comments.

“There’s already an unfortunate and undeserved stigma attached to dark skin – so for Rob to take it something undesirable like scorched toast and also compare it come the skin color of any kind of person is reprehensible and also feeds right into that stigma,” Louis-Jacques claimed in a tweet.

Another influential media voice, previous WKBW-TV investigative reporter Madison Carter, tweeted, “This made mine stomach physically turn.”

Carter, that recently relocated from Buffalo, called on the Buffalo association of black color Journalists to attend to the issue. (Carter is ending her term together president of the organization.) The BABJ, in turn, tweeted, “We are exceptionally disappointed and disgusted. Station management

Roswell Park considerable Cancer Center and also the Roswell Park Alliance Foundation, whose fundraising logo design is clearly shows at the optimal of the audio clip graphic, canceled the advertising and also released this explain Wednesday afternoon: “Immediately top top learning about this exchange, Roswell Park, the Roswell Park Alliance foundation and the Ride because that Roswell pulled all ads and also marketing from this station. The comments this morning dispute with our values and also culture. We adopt actions that respect the dignity and equity of every people, and forcefully disapprove any and all develops of racism.”

Meanwhile, Pegula sporting activities & to chat fired Gaenzler native his duty as the Buffalo Sabres and Buffalo Bandits’ arena host.

In a statement at an early stage Wednesday evening, PSE said: “All organizations across the Pegula sports & to chat umbrella strong condemn racism in all forms. We room deeply disturbed by the comment made this morning by a co-host on rich Gaenzler’s radio show. They were unacceptable, inappropriate, and also there is no place for them in our community. The Sabres and Bandits because of this have made the decision to end him native his duties together our in-arena host.”

The university at Buffalo, meanwhile, exit a declare announcing that the college will not bring Gaenzler back as that public deal with announcer: “The college at Buffalo division of Athletics is cursed to sustaining a culture of diversity and also inclusion and also strongly denounces racism in all forms. Rich Gaenzler is not at this time under contract v UB Athletics. We will move forward with selection of another public deal with announcer because that UB football games next season.”

Reached Wednesday evening by The News, Lederman, that is likewise a longtime stand-up comic and owner of Rob’s Comedy Playhouse in Williamsville, stated his words were guilty of “ignorance as opposed come malicious intent. Was it stupid? Yes. Was it funny? No, it was embarrassing when I heard it.”

Lederman"s firing ends a an extensive and high-profile career at 97 Rock. The Amherst indigenous was a country touring comic in the 1980s before joining the radio station in 1991. Working for 24 year alongside Buffalo broadcast legend Larry Norton, he ended up being a fixture on the radio and active with charities both in his occupational as a businessman and broadcaster.

In his conversation v The News, Lederman detailed the work he has done in the neighborhood over his three decades as a broadcaster, comic and also club owner.

“I never ever saw myself together anything near to also thinking a racist thought,” the said. “It"s just not who I am. So as soon as I heard that, and heard just how it sounded, ns was like, ‘Oh, mine God, that sounds terrible.’ Now, deserve to I take back those words? No. If you hear to them, to be they intended to be hurtful? absolutely not.”

Lederman stated he desires to "learn native this,” and also apologized “to anyone that would certainly be hurt” by his words.

Attention ~ above the situation kept growing deep into Wednesday evening. Buffalo mayor Byron Brown"s office released a statement the read, "The racist commentary made on "The Morning Bull" show on 97 rock is outrageous and also intolerable. There is no location in our culture for this statements or beliefs. Ns strongly guilty of what these people said ~ above the radio this morning."

Brown"s criticism echoed the of other elected officials, consisting of State Sen. Tim Kennedy, who tweeted, "Where perform we start with the number of things wrong v this poisonous exchange? Racist and also disrespectful comments choose this have no place on our airwaves – or anywhere."

Meanwhile, Erie county Executive note Poloncarz said in a tweet: "I understand our community is far better than this. We should be much better than this. None of this is funny. It is reprehensible, unacceptable and also cannot it is in tolerated."




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