About Drake Tester
Age16 Years
BirthJuly 17, 2000
DeathMarch 26, 2017
SiblingsJack Begley
ParentsCraig Tester, Becky Tester
TV SeriesThe Curse of Oak Island

Season 5 of The Curse the Oak Island began v news of a tragic loss. Drake Tester, who showed up in 2 episodes the the reality display in 2013, along with his dad Craig Tester, passed away in beforehand 2017. The heartbreaking news to be disclosed in the premiere the show’s newest season. Check out on to discover out an ext about Drake Tester and how he died.

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What happened to Drake ~ above The Curse the Oak Island

Season 5 of The Curse that Oak Island premiered Tuesday night. The reality show follows the trip of Michigan brothers, Marty and also Rick Lagina and also others, together they effort to settle the mystery of Oak Island. Simply one episode into the new season, viewers to be met through news the a tragedy the took place previously this year. Drake Tester, who had actually made a couple appearances two periods ago, passed away in march 2017. That was just 16 years old. Fans of the famous reality display have so numerous questions. What taken place to Drake native The Curse that Oak Island? exactly how did Drake from The Curse that Oak Island die? right here is every little thing we know around Drake’s passing.

Drake’s Untimely Death

Drake Tester from cool Rapids, Michigan to be a simply a teenager as soon as he died. Just how did Drake Tester die so young?

Reports to speak that he passed away from a seizure disorder that battled because birth, do him suffer from assaults once every couple of years, lasting a couple of minutes at a time. As confirmed by his obituary, the disorder was the reason behind his premature birth death.

In loving Memory

Drake left behind his parents, Craig and also Becky Tester, sister Madeline Begley, and brother Jack Begley. That will likewise be to let go by his big extended family, friends, and teammates. A memorial company was organized at very first Congregational Church the Traverse City, Michigan top top April 9, 2017.


Photo: Facebook/Drake Tester

Craig Tester has been a consistent on The Curse of Oak Island if Drake do appearances in two episodes the season 3. The spent 6 weeks top top the island in 2015 and also had plan to go there again.

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What occurred to Drake Tester indigenous The Curse the Oak Island is sad, and also our thoughts room with his loved ones. His journey was unfortunately cut short, however he will always be remembered for his love because that life in spite of the difficulties he suffered.