Before we can get lock to recognize they to be actually even dating, Jennifer Lopez and Drake have broken up, reports Us Weekly. Date rumors around the 2 musicians started earlier in December once Drake attend J.Lo's ras Vegas concert—and now, simply two months later, that looks like things didn't work-related out. RIP #DraLo.

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Their connection was never confirmed, but the pair sent the net on a scavenger hunt through all the clues left in your wake. Drake reportedly offered J.Lo a $100,000 Tiffany necklace, the two were spotted dancing at a literal meaning prom together, and they both proudly shared a couple of photos with each other, specific J.Lo's well known Instagram of castle cuddling on a couch.

However, critical month, Jennifer Lopez told Entertainment Tonight that she and Drake were merely working on a music collaboration. “He just asked me to execute a track with him and also that’s what we’ve been doing,” she said. "We’ll check out if it’s on his following album." So perhaps they're just musical partners who additionally appreciate a an excellent cuddle from time come time.

This alleged breakup is the 2nd in the last year because that both parties. Jennifer and also her former back-up dancer Casper Smart finished things earlier in August. And Drake's long and winding on-again off-again connection with Rihanna one of two people wound under or became an open one in October. Rumor had it Rihanna was no happy about DraLo gift a thing—she apparently unfollowed J. Lo ~ above Instagram ~ Drake shared a cutesy DraLo selfie. No that anyone could blame her: after all, Drake's subtitle had a heart eyes emoji in it. So friend know it's serious.

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Of course, we can only guess: v what truly transpired between them. Maybe Drake and J.Lo were simply each other's rebounds. Possibly they're just great friends who worked on a music collaboration together. Or probably they're each other's soulmates and also the timing was wrong. Either way, we're certain Jenny from the block and also Champagne Papi will be OK.



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