Two FBI agents gunned under serving find warrant in child porn instance

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A Milwaukee judge and former president of one LGBTQ organization that funded Drag Queen Story Hour (DQSH) events has to be arrested on boy pornography charges.

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Judge Brett Blomme, 38, was arrestedand charged with 7 counts of child pornography possession. Follow to the Milwaukee newspaper Sentinel, the is accused that uploading 27 videos and pictures the child sex-related abuse to the messaging application Kik under the name "DomMasterBB."

Each count against Blomme carries v it a minimum sentence of 3 years with the potential for up to 15 years through a te of supervised release. With seven counts charged versus him, Blomme is looking in ~ a minimum the 21 year in prison must he be convicted.

Blomme was also a former president for the Cream City structure — one LGBTQ advocacy group in Wisconsin that advertisedDQSH events it funded — as well as a husband and adoptive father of two children. Blomme listed his presidency through the Cream City structure on his LinkedIn profile.

Blomme’s presence on the Cream City structure website was quickly scrubbed in the days because his arrest, with his write-ups removed and also the board of director pagenixing the judge’s info completely.

The judge’s two kids were not connected in the sex-related exploitation, follow to court documents, yet Child Protective solutions is feather to place the kids elsewhere amid the charges, the Sentinal reported.

In the complaint, Blomme was claimed to have uploaded the picture on a friend’s wifi. The friend, noted in the complain as "Individual B," shown to investigators the Blomme had visited his home on days that the friend"s WiFi showed photos uploaded by "DomMasterBB."

The Wisconsin supreme Court suspended Blomme indigenous his psoition there is no pay between the charges, the Sentinal reported.Blomme was chosen to his judgeship in 2020. He has yet to give a plea.


In a statement come Fox News, DQSHExecutive director Jonathan Hamilt said the Milwaukee branch the the organization was "deeply saddened and also disappointed to learn about the plot of referee Brett Blomme."

Hamilt clarified the the Cream City foundation was a strictly a "fiscal sponsor" because that DQSH Milwaukee that allowed it to operate as a non-profit and also that Blomme was never ever directly associated with occasion planning nor hosted a position within DQSH.

"However, drag Queen Story Hour desire to do clear: when Cream City foundation has served as DQSH Milwaukee’s fiscal sponsor (allowing DQSH Milwaukee to get funds as a non-profit), the partnership is strictly financial: Cream City structure does not straight or influence the content of our programming, and also Brett Blomme has never hosted a position within DQSH Milwaukee nor participate directly in planning, organizing, or hosting any kind of of our events," said Hamilt.

The DQSH executive director claimed that the Milwaukee company "has never been run" by one of two people the Cream City structure or Blomme and also reiterated that neither the referee or the Cream City structure were associated in any DQSH events.

"DQSH Milwaukee has actually never been operation by the Cream City foundation nor Brett Blomme, neither have actually either participated in planning, organizing, hosting or performing at any kind of of our events. Brett has actually never held a location or position within our company ever," claimed Hamilt."Cream City structure has only ever before been a fiscal sponsor that enables DQSH Milwaukee to give and receive funds together a non-profit. Asides from financials, castle have had no component in DQSH Milwaukee & DQSH HQ."

Hamilt also told Fox News that the MilwaukeeDQSH is "cutting all ties with Cream City foundation as their acting fiscal sponsor" and also gave a solid condemnation the Blomme"s actions.

"As the leader of DQSH Milwaukee & DQSH HQ, we absolutely condemn pedophilia, We room angry and outraged by Brett"s actions," claimed Hamilt."Pedophilia has no location in the LGBT community and no place in culture as a whole."

"Drag Queen Story Hour is an organization devoted to producing safe inclusive spaces because that children and their families," he continued. "All of our in-network drag storytellers are compelled to have background checks."

"If friend or anyone you recognize is the victim of child abuse we ask girlfriend reach the end to the nationwide Child Abuse Hotline, 1-800-422-4453," added Hamilt.

The Cream City structure did not automatically respond to Fox News’ requests for comment.

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The founderof drag Queen Story Hour, writer Michelle Tea, said the aim of the regime was to "give children glamorous, positive, and also unabashedly queer duty models."

Critics in conservative towns have protested the practice, saying the story hours teach kids about sexual concepts that castle cannot master yet.


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