Medical travel is easily on the increase — yet unfortunately, it doesn"t always end well for those who choose to participate in it. The latest tragedy originates from a woman, originally from upstate new York, who went to get plastic surgery in the Dominican Republic, and died. She"s the third woman to die from clinical tourism procedures this year. That is Alexandra Medina?

1. She visited the Dominican Republic to obtain plastic surgery. 

Medical travel is a ax that includes all elements of medical procedures — despite it"s most often connected with plastic surgery procedures. 

According to People Magazine, Alexandra Medina was one of many civilization who fell into the latter group — the is, she checked out the Dominican Republic to gain plastic surgery, not another type of medical procedure. 

"Alexandra Medina, 33, travel to the Dominican Republic for a ship tuck and also liposuction after medical professionals in the U.S. Refuse to do the surgeries, informing her the she required to shed weight before undergoing any procedures. Yet Medina was undeterred, and also contacted a Dominican surgeon, Dr. Félix Almánzar, with Facebook that agreed to the operations," report the outlet.

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2. Alexandra Medina passed away on the operating table. 

After she gained to the Dominican Republic to perform the risky procedure, Alexandra Medina experienced a fat embolism, and also died top top the operating table, follow to The Insider.

"Dr. Félix Almánzar pulled out at the critical minute and also had another doctor take over due to the fact that he to be "scared" after ~ the deaths of the two other patients. She later passed away of a pulmonary embolism," report the outlet.

Alexandra Medina 33 died after a cosmetic surgical procedure procedure in the Dominican Republic. | WGN-TV

— Mz. Chitown (

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3. The clinic to be questionable, in ~ best. 

According to PIX 11, the clinic that Alexandra Medina go to had actually previously to be shut down as result of their engagement in wrong procedures. 

"Medina had concerns after she arrived and called her mom. Toro stated there to be a variety of red flags: the clinic to be dirty; Medina had to pay the surgeon ideal there and they wheeled her in at 8:30 p.m. Dr. Felix Almanzar, a plastic surgeon, was claimed to carry out the procedure. Medina"s sister, Maxine David, says he didn"t perform the ship tuck himself. Over the objections of her mother, she visited a clinic where 2 patients have already died. The clinic whereby those patients and also Medina had procedures has actually been close up door down because Medina"s fatality last week," reported the outlet.

USA NEWS: brand-new York woman dies after visiting Dominican Republic plastic surgeon. Alexandra Medina is the third American since June that has died after going under the knife through Dr. Felix Almanzar. Https://

— Consulting Room (
Consulting_Room) July 9, 2019

There were currently some red flags regarding the procedure, follow to Alexandra Medina"s family.

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4. Now, Alexandra Medina"s family is demanding answers. 

According come the New York daily News, when Dominican authorities have said they room opening one investigation right into what occurred to Alexandra Medina, her household members speak it"s not enough, and they desire to know what happened and also why. 

"Family members have been utilizing a Facebook web page to need justice for Medina, alarm travelers about the incident and also warn them around Dr. Felix Almanzar, through whom Medina was supposedly scheduled to have surgery, and his associates. The doctor might not automatically be got to for comment Wednesday afternoon," report the outlet. "U.S. Authorities have actually issued several warnings in recent years around the threats of traveling to the Dominican Republic for cheaper plastic surgeries. The Centers for condition Control and also Prevention reported in November 2017 that an ext than 50 cases had been evidenced of U.S. Residents contracting one infection complying with a cosmetics procedure in that country."

Our thoughts space with Alexandra Medina"s family during this daunting time. 

Alexandra Medina saw the Dominican Republic because that cheap plastic surgery. What could possibly go wrong?