CLAIM: The malaria drughydroxychloroquine, when offered with theantibiotic azithromycin, deserve to improve survive bynearly 200% when given to COVID-19 patient on ventilators.

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AP’S ASSESSMENT: False.Experts to speak the little study that this claim is based on proves nothing, andthat sufficient evidence now exists from well-run researches to indicate thathydroxychloroquine is not effective for dealing with COVID-19.

THE FACTS: A research isbeing misrepresented digital to falsely suggest that top wellness officials werewrong when they uncovered that hydroxychloroquine, a drug offered to treat malaria,had no benefit as a COVID-19 treatment.

The observational study,which has not to be vetted by independent scientists, got attention ~ above socialmedia after ~ it to be posted on might 31 come Medrxiv, a website that screens medicalpapers that have not been published. Posts online claimedthe study mirrors that health and wellness officials and media to be wrong to discount the benefitsof hydroxychloroquine and also had excellent so todamage former President Donald Trump’s image. Trump card had defended the usage of thedrug come treat COVID-19.

Some that the poststouting the research came from prominent members that Trump’s inside circle,including former press secretary Kayleigh McEnany.

Several healthprofessionals called The associated Press that making use of the brand-new study to tout thebenefits that hydroxychloroquine is misleading.

“This is a very smallstudy indigenous a single hospital that was observational only,” said Dr. JaimieMeyer, infectious disease physician in ~ Yale institution of Medicine. “The answer toCOVID is vaccination, no hydroxychloroquine.”

Randomized double-blindstudies space the gold typical in medical research. In such studies, patientsare no told even if it is they room receiving the drug being experiment or a placebo.They enable for even distribution throughout groups and take into account potentialdifferences amongst subjects that researchers might not haveanticipated.

In one observationalstudy, like the one gift touted in the false posts, researchers simply observepatients without randomizing who gets what treatment. These research studies aresusceptible come bias and cannot prove cause and effect, Meyer said.

The research cited in thefalse write-ups examined 255 COVID-19 patients on ventilators starting on might 1,2020. It to be conductedby the Smith center for infectious Diseases &Urban health and wellness in eastern Orange, new Jersey, i beg your pardon is operation by Dr. Stephen M. Smith,an early on proponent the hydroxychloroquine come treat COVID-19. The study provides noinformation on how it to be funded and also the center did not respond to a inquiry for comment.

The research itself notesthat that “reports brand-new research that has actually not to be certified by peer review andshould no be supplied to overview clinical practice.”

Hydroxychloroquine hassince to be tested on hundreds of COVID-19 patients. Data native randomizedstudies has presented the drug is not reliable for dealing with the disease _ alone orwith other drugs prefer azithromycin. This included significant studies publishedin The brand-new England journal of medicine andThe Journalof the American medical Association.

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In June of 2020, theU.S. Food and Drug administration revoked the emergency usage authorization ofhydroxychloroquine, saying the medicine was i can not qualify to be effective for treatingCOVID-19.

The same month, theNational academy of wellness stopped its psychological of the medicine after data revealedthat it noted no advantage in comparison come a placebo control.


This is component of The connected Press’ ongoing initiative to fact-checkmisinformation the is shared widely online, including work through Facebook toidentify and also reduce the circulation the false story on the platform.