Theodor Seuss Geisel to be born on in Springfield, Massachusetts to German-American parents. That attended publicly schools and then saw Dartmouth College, wherein he became editor that the Dartmouth Jack-O-Lantern. As soon as he to be barred from all extracurricular activities, he continued to write for the record using the pseudonym "Seuss." after he graduated he came to be a contributor to the magazine The Judge, and began to sign his job-related as "Dr. Seuss." that attended Lincoln College, Oxford to knife a D.Phil in literature, yet married Helen Palmer in 1927 and also returned to the United says without earning the degree. He published humorous articles and also illustrations in The Judge, The Saturday night Post, Life, Vanity Fair, and also Liberty and also supported himself and his wife with the good Depression through commercial illustrations for basic Electric, NBC, standard Oil, and also many other companies. He additionally wrote and drew a short-lived comic strip referred to as Hejji in 1935. In 1937, return from an s voyage to Europe, he created his very first book, And come Think the I experienced It ~ above Mulberry Street. When world War II began, he started to develop political cartoons and also became an editorial cartoonist because that the left-wing new York City newspaper, PM. His politics cartoons were later on published in Dr. Seuss Goes to War. In 1942, he began producing propaganda posters because that the Treasury Department and the War manufacturing Board. In 1943, he join the computer animation Department the the very first Motion picture Unit the the U.S. Army Air Forces, wherein he created propaganda and training films. After the war, he and also his wife moved to La Jolla, California. He return to writing and also illustrating children"s books. In 1954, Life magazine released an article on the dullness that children"s books, and Geisel was inspired to create The Cat in the Hat. In 1967, his wife Helen cursed suicide. That married Audrey stone Dimond in 1968. Geisel passed away in La Jolla, California in 1991.

Over the course of his career, Geisel created over 60 children"s books, one of two people under the pseudonym "Dr. Seuss" because that the ones the wrote and also illustrated himself, "Theo. LeSieg" for publications he wrote but others illustrated, or "Rosetta Stone" for Because a Little an insect Went Ka-choo (1975). He additionally wrote two publications for adults: The seven Lady Godivas; Oh, The areas You"ll Go!; and You"re only Old Once.

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Dr. Seuss


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