Please note that our physicians frequently practice in much more than one place to enable coverage to people across multiple counties. This transforms occasionally based on the require of the community, so specific hours and also locations have been left off of this page. If you have actually questions about their availability or clinic hours, please visit our locations page for call info for details sites.

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Jonathan Moore, DPM

Dr. Moore got his doctor of Podiatric Medicine degree from the California college of Podiatric medication in 1999. He subsequently completed a three-year podiatric medical/surgical residency consisting of a Diabetic Foot Fellowship at the university of Texas health and wellness Science Center. As a an outcome of his difficult work, Dr. Moore became the very first foot and also ankle operated doctor to it is in appointed staff privileges at Lake Cumberland regional Hospital.

Dr. Moore is widely released on many foot and ankle-related topics and also serves top top multiple expert boards. He was likewise named as among Podiatry Management"s most prominent podiatric medical professionals in America.


Pamela Jensen-Stanley, DPM

Dr. Jensen is a graduate from the university of Podiatric Medicine and also Surgery in Des Moines, Iowa. She perfect her main podiatric and surgical residency training at the prestigious university of Texas in san Antonio, Texas with focus in diabetes and also diabetic wound care and is released on countless diabetic and wound care-related topics.

Dr. Jensen-Stanley is energetic in Somerset Rotary and also the American Cancer culture and is a life time member that Alpha Phi Omega, an worldwide Co-ed Community business Fraternity.


Christopher Miller, DPM

Dr. Miller, initially from Cincinnati, Ohio, derived his Bachelor that Science degree from the college of Cincinnati, and also attended medical school in ~ the Ohio university of Podiatric Medicine. He perfect a three-year Podiatric Medical and Surgical residency at the call Mercy Hospital/University of Pittsburgh medical Center. He is trained in diabetic foot care and foot and ankle orthopedics. Dr. Müller has likewise been named a diplomate that the American board of Podiatric Surgery and is board-certified in foot surgery by the American board of Foot and also Ankle surgical treatment (ABFAS). That is accepting brand-new patients in the Richmond and also Somerset offices.


Jeffrey Schnell, DPM

Dr. Jeffrey Schnell to visit the college of Louisville for his undergraduate studies. He climate went on to get his Doctorate native Barry University institution of Podiatric Medicine and Surgery in Miami, Florida. After graduating, he completed a three-year surgical residency regimen at Botsford Hospital in Farmington Hills, Michigan. During residency, that trained in surgical restoration of the foot and ankle, diabetic foot care, and also sports-related injuries. That was likewise recognized together a plank certified wound care specialist.


Shannon Schnell, DPM

Dr. Shannon Schnell, initially from the Kentuckiana area, studied at the university of Louisville for her undergraduate degree. She, like her husband Dr. Jeffrey Schnell, i graduated from Barry University school of Podiatric Medicine and Surgery in Miami, whereby she received her Doctorate. She then moved to Farmington Hills, Michigan to seek her residency in ~ Botsford Hospital in a three-year operation program. She has actually received considerable training in pediatric, diabetic, and rheumatoid foot deformities. In addition, she has actually been called a plank certified wound treatment specialist.

Jerry Roberts, DPM

Dr. Roberts prospered up in Griffin, GA and attended the university of Georgia because that undergraduate studies. Native there, he trained at the Ohio college of Podiatric Medicine and completed his surgical training in Cleveland, Ohio. Dr. Roberts is trained in advanced wound care and also limb preservation techniques. If in Cleveland he obtained training in correction of flat foot deformities in adults and also children, foot and ankle trauma, and also total ankle joint replacement.

His expert priority is offering the greatest level of treatment to the community. "If you room hurting, come in and, allow us assist you," said Dr. Roberts. "There are both surgical and also non-surgical alternatives to treat most reasons of foot pain." He encourages routine foot examinations and preventive treatment for those diagnosed v diabetes together the best method to safeguard from infections and amputations.

Chad Cooper, DPM

Dr. Cooper graduated from the university of Georgia v a Bachelor of Biology degree with plans to attend graduate school. He perfect his medical education at Kent State college College of Podiatric medication in Cleveland, Ohio and also shortly after joined UF wellness Orthopedic department in Jacksonville and also completed a three-year operation residency in ~ Shands Hospital. While at UF Health, that received substantial training in typical podiatric surgeries, including reconstructive and also post-traumatic surgical procedure of the foot and ankle.

Ann Davis, DPM

Dr. Ann Davis attend George Mason university in Fairfax, Virginia for her undergraduate studies and continued ~ above to holy place University school of Podiatric medication in Philadelphia to achieve her doctorate. Adhering to medical school, Dr. Davis completed her three-year residency in Jacksonville, Florida, at college of Florida Healthcare.

Amanda Kohut, DPM

Dr. Kohut grew up in Sarasota, Florida and also received her Bachelor the Science degree from Florida State University. She attended medical school at Kent State college College of Podiatric medication in Cleveland, Ohio. She climate flew earlier South to finish an extensive 3-year foot and also ankle surgical residency in ~ the college of Florida health and wellness in Jacksonville, Florida.

She is Board-Certified by the American board of Podiatric medication (ABPM) and has endure in all elements of foot and also ankle surgery, consisting of trauma and also reconstruction. She takes unique interest in musculoskeletal maladies and also performing in-office procedures.

Andrew Tompkins, DPM

Dr. Andrew Tompkins is a foot and ankle specialist in Danville and also Richmond, Kentucky. He i graduated from Kent State college College that Podiatric medicine in 2016. Dr. Tompkins perfect an extensive 3-year operation foot and ankle residency at the call Medstar Washington Hospital Center/Georgetown college Hospital located in Washington, DC. Continuing his education, Dr. Tompkins completed a surgical fellowship at The Foot and Ankle professionals of Ohio. Having an ext than 4 year of varied experiences in foot and ankle surgery, Dr. Andrew Tompkins has pending regional hospital privileges and cooperates carefully with the various other specialists that Cumberland Foot and also Ankle Centers.

Dr. Phillip Hasler

Dr. Hasler is initially from Lexinton, Kentucky, but attended university at Brigham Young University. He then went to medical school at the Des Moines college of Podiatric medicine in Iowa. Complying with medical school, Dr. Hasler completed a prestigious three-year surgical residency at the Salt Lake City Intermountain clinical Center, where he perform a wide selection of foot and also ankle surgeries, together with an substantial amount the diabetic foot and also ankle care. Dr. Hasler is board certified through the American board of Podiatric Medicine.

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Dr. Courtney Conner

Dr. Conner, originally from the center Tennessee area, attended Lipscomb college in Nashville where she derived a Bachelor the Science degree in Biology. She climate went ~ above to finish her Doctorate with Midwestern University’s Arizona institution of Podiatric medication in Glendale, Arizona. Adhering to graduation, she completed a three-year foot and also ankle operation residency at ar Health Network in Indianapolis, Indiana. If in Indianapolis, Dr. Conner received substantial training in countless foot and also ankle pathologies, diabetic foot care, and also wound care.