“There needs to it is in a generation the willstand up and say that there"s only one means to heaven and that"s through Jesus Christ!” -Samuel Rodriguez “There needs to it is in a generation the willstand up and also say that there"s just one way to heaven and that"s v Jesus Christ!” -Samuel Rodriguez

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Presidential advisor . Yankee fan . Trekkie

Samuel Rodriguez is the president of the nationwide Hispanic Christian leadership Conference (NHCLC), the world’s largest Hispanic Christian organization with 42,000 plus U.S. Churches and many added churches spread out throughout the Spanish-speaking diaspora.

Rodriguez stands well-known by CNN, FOX News, Univision and also Telemundo together America’s most influential Latino/Hispanic faith leader. Charisma magazine called him one of the 40 leader who changed the world. The wall surface St. Journal named him one of the optimal 12 Latino leaders and also he to be the only belief leader on that list. He has actually been named amongst the “Top 100 Christian leaders in America” (Newsmax 2018) and nominated as one of the “100 many influential world in the world” (TIME 2013). Rodriguez is on regular basis featured in CNN, Fox News, Univision, PBS, Christianity Today, The brand-new York Times, The wall Street Journal, and also many others.

Rodriguez was the very first Latino to provide the keynote attend to at the annual The boy name Luther King, Jr. Commemorative service at Ebenezer Baptist Church and also is the recipient of the martin Luther King Jr. Management Award presented by the conference of gyeongju Equality.

Rodriguez has actually advised Presidents Bush, Obama and Trump, and also frequently consults with Congress progressing immigration and also criminal righteousness reform as well as spiritual freedom and Pro-LIFE initiatives. By the elegant of God, Rev. Rodriguez is one of the few individuals to have participated in the inauguration ceremonies of two different Presidents representing both politics parties.

On January 2008, minister Sam read from the Gospel of Luke because that President Obama’s Inaugural morning business at Saint John’s Episcopal Church. Top top January 20, 2017, through over 1 billion world watching roughly the world, Rev. Rodriguez came to be the very first Latino Evangelical to take part in a U.S. Presidential inauguration ceremony reading from Matthew 5, concluding with “In Jesus name!” In April 2020, Rev. Rodriguez to be appointed to the national Coronavirus restore Commission to offer specialized experience and expertise in dilemm mitigation and also recovery to help our national, state, and local leaders overview our country through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Rodriguez is executive producer of two films; BREAKTHROUGH, the Dove compensation winning film for inspirational movie the the year and Academy compensation nominated film for finest song, and also FLAMIN HOT, the quickly to it is in released movie in partnership v Franklin Entertainment and 20th Century Fox. The is likewise co-founder the TBN Salsa, an international Christian-based broadcast tv network, and also he is the author of You space Next, shower Free, be Light, a #1 LA time bestseller, and also From make it through to Thrive, a #1 Amazon bestseller.

He earned his Master’s level from Lehigh University and also received Honorary Doctorates from Northwest, wilhelm Jessup and also Baptist college of the America’s.

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Rodriguez offer as senior Pastor of brand-new Season Church, one of America’s fastest cultivation megachurches and #13 top top Newsmax’s height 50 megachurches in America, with campuses in Los Angeles and also Sacramento, CA, whereby he resides with his wife, Eva, and their 3 children.