Mary Tyler Moore"s husband of more than 33 years, Dr. S. Robert Levine, opened up come People this week around his heartbreak following Moore"s death at period 80 top top Jan. 25.

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In an exclude, statement, Levine said:

I can"t think she is gone. Mar was my life, mine light, my love. The emptiness ns feel without her through me is there is no bottom. She was a force of nature that fiercely protected her autonomy even as her wellness was failing. Mary was fearless, determined, and willfull. If she feel strongly about something, or the there was truth to it is in told, she would carry out it, no matter the consequences.

The pair met in 1982 in brand-new York when Moore"s mother was sick with major bronchitis. The family"s continual doctor to be unavailable and also Dr. Levine, a cardiologist, was on call, so they experienced him instead. After ~ a follow-up appointment, Levine called Moore to obtain in touch if over there was ever before an emergency. "Does acute loneliness count?" the actress quipped. They had their first date a couple of days later.

At the 2006 TV land Awards.
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They married at the central Park-facing Pierre Hotel the day prior to Thanksgiving in 1983. Twice-divorced Moore was 45; Levine to be 30. Moore"s good friend and also Mary Tyler Moore Show costar Valerie Harper offered as a bridesmaid.

Mary and also Robert on your wedding day, through her parents George and Marjorie.
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"She to be kind, genuine, approachable, honest, and also humble," Levine called People.

"Oh, to see her laugh that smile, simply once more," he continued in the statement. "My woe is just tempered by the exceptional outpouring of great wishes, tributes, and an individual "Mary stories" told, through heart, by those touched by she grace."

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the "Mary Tyler Moore Show" in 1991.
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The love and care Moore and Levine had actually for each various other was apparent to those they mutual their resides with. As soon as asked about the couple"s partnership in 1984, friend Emanuel Azenberg, the producer that the Broadway play Whose Life Is the Anyway?, i m sorry Moore had starred in, said: "There"s no concern they"re in love. They both have too lot integrity to continue to be with the relationship if castle weren"t."

At Los Angeles global Airport top top July 6, 1999.
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Concluding his emotional tribute come his so late wife, Levine wrote, "As long as us all remember her, talk about her, share our stories about her, and what she intended to us, her light will never ever go out."

(h/t People)

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